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Friday, July 31, 2015

The First Comeback Stage for Beast's "Ordinary"

Warning: Lots of praises for Beast. If you came here to get bashing materials.. leave now.

" Gotta Go To Work "

  *Fangirl mode on* 


GGTW's performance is the epitome of CUTE.
Love the matching red-white-blue colors on Doojoon's christmas cardigan, Gikwang's stripped shirt, Dongwoon's jacket and Yoseob's coat.
Thank god no sight of weird hairstyles, not even Hyunseung's ramen hair. Yoseob even made me change my opinion about blonde hair. I always thought Asian who bleach his/her hair looks weird, until I saw Yoseob in this video. He's even more charming with that hair *O*
Junhyung with that Harry Potter glasses and mushroom hair (I guess he follows Gikwang's footsteps) looks adorkable X3
Doojoon looks charismatic as always. Plus, he's singing and rapping!
 Gikwang's EYE-SMILE melts me ^u^
Hyunseung.. even when portraying manly man's working, he's still pretty *O*
Dongwoon looks cute in that stripped jacket. He could join A-Pink too XP
Lol, they wore similar outfits on the same day. Funny coincidence.
No one is overshadowed. The line distribution between the five members beside Junhyung is equal. All of them get to shine in their own part.
The dance looks FUN! I love the forearm spin for 'gotta go to work' and their move at the sound of phone ringing in the end. Yoseob's shoulder dance is also sexy cute XD
Even the female dancers deserve a praise. They showed that women don't need to wear revealing clothes to perform on stage.
Overall, this performance emits CUTENESS. I was smiling throughout the video. It's even harder to watch the individual fancams. All of this made me realize how much I missed the cute concept like "Beautiful". Now that they've become older, they're no longer the cute boys, they're cute grown up men!
Dorkiness attack!
The fans tho. They're the BEST!!! Since there are no official fanchants, they were told to scream whenever they felt the time was right, but they ended up singing along. I expected no less from K-B2uties. Jjang..jjang..jjang..XD

" YeY "
After all the negative talks about the "peculiar" chorus, the Big Bang comparison and the dropping chart ranking, I was starting to get nervy waiting for their live stage. This performance proves that none of my worries are relevant.

It was all normal when Doojoon, Junhyung and Hyunseung sang the first verse, then, after the 'L-O-V-E-L-E-S-S' part kicked in, it all went ballistic.
Woah.. the stage setting was EPIC!!! I was so surprised when the wall, or whatever it was, moved up and revealed another stage that was already surrounded by fans. I really didn't see that coming. Kudos to the crews.
Then, the most fascinating thing came into view. The dark grey ocean. It was b2utiful~❤
M!Countdown literally turned into Beast's concert on air!
Yoseob, Dongwoon and Gikwang didn't wear the in-ear and their singing was on point!
The fanchants were so fierce. I'm crying. K-B2uties, thank you! :")
Beast brought the house down, whohoooo..!!! \m/
They can hate the songmusic is subjective after all. They can point out the Big Bang comparison just to lower Beasteveryone is biased anyway. They can say SK has lost their interests in Beast merely because "YeY" was dropping down the chartlet's see how the tickets for their upcoming concert on August will be sold out just fine. But, their performances just can't be bashed. It's crystal clear how the fans were really enthusiastic to see Beast. And Beast always answered them with performing all out, throwing adlibs and enjoying EVERY SECONDS OF THEIR STAGE!
Certainly not bad for the first comeback stage ;)

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