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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Yang Yoseob Pride

Us, B2uty, would mostly agree that having Yang Yoseob as main vocalist is an undeniable pride for Beast. There are various reasons of why a particular idol stands out in his/her group, be it visual, aegyo, swag, variety skills, 4Dness, leadership, wits, etc. As for Yoseob, his singing alone can put the other mentioned "talents" to shame. Yoseob and his voice are like the most precious gift kpop can offer to me.

Beast' Yang Yoseob has been praised by many senior singers and music experts because of his remarkable singing ability. The most recent praise came from producer and composer Kim Hyungsuk, who is currently appearing in MBC‘s Sunday Night- King of Masked Singer as one of the panelists.
King of Masked Singer has shockingly shown how talented idol singers actually are. Idols’ costumes and dances tend to take attention away from their singing abilities as their visual aspects are highly emphasized.
If I were to recommend a vocalist who makes these visual concepts disappear through singing, it would be Beast’ Yang Yoseob.
A few years back, Yoseob sang a song I wrote for My Princess’ OST, “Cherish that Person.” I thought he was just a pretty boy, but he turned out to sing so beautifully. His tone expressed freely regardless of the genre as well as his sound and breathing were exceptional.
He quickly adjusted to the vocal style that I desired, which cannot be done by any artist. Idols must have the complete package of singing, dancing, and looks, yet Yang Yoseob made me think that I should carefully and closely produce music in a way that emphasizes the singing aspect of the package.
In the fall of 2013, Yoseob was asked personally by Jo Sumi, a Grammy Award winning soprano, to do a duet with her in her La Fantasia concert. She even gave him a chance to sing "Mother", the song which convinced her to invite Yoseob.
Coincidentally, I watched Yoseob-goon singing ‘Mother’ on YouTube. I was so touched, and I really want Yang Yoseob (to perform together). Yoseob-goon’s thoughts are really pure and sincere, indeed an exemplary idol.
In an interview back in 2011, SS501 solo member singer Heo Young Saeng was asked among all the idol singers whose singing ability is the best and on giving them marks, and he replied,
Yoseob is the outstanding one. Shinee's Jonghyun is also not bad.
Even New York Times has approved Yoseob's capability in this music industry, particularly as a musical actor in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”only his second musical drama. In this article the writer Patrick Healy noted Yoseob as 'heartthrob' in musical industry, even called him as Justin Bieber in a Broadway show because of his ability to bring a lot of young female fans to the musical theater.
1,000 strong-audience fell into a mesmerized silence every time the spotlight fell on Yoseob, a sweet-faced star in the multibillion-dollar Korean pop music industry.
Personally, I really, really, admire his decision to step onto musical stage. Just like what Seoulbeats wrote,
While idols have plenty of experience in singing and dancing, and oftentimes acting, a difference exists between carrying out themed and synchronized performances, and delivering convincing lines in monologue and song, in front of (up to) 1000-member live audiences.
Rainbow‘s Seung-ah, who starred in "Grease", expressed her frustrations of overcoming her routine winking, smiling, and onstage fan service; she exercised control of these expressions during serious scenes. Shinee's Key also caused a stir last year when he attributed his avoidance of singing in the musical tradition to his fans; they’ve tuned their ears to his pop vocalizations.
Exceptions to this include Beast’s Yoseob, who has said that he enjoys delving fully into musicals and learning from experience. He said, "Popularity can be a bubble when there is no ability. So, I’m coming to the theater to learn. Kpop gives you fans, but I hope that musicals can give you skill."
Yoseob is now the fourth idol with the most musicals under his belt, having done five musicals. Super Junior's Kyuhyun and Sungmin both have done six musicals. JYJ's Junsu, who has done seven musicals, is a wall nobody can't climb over right now in context of idol-turned-musical-actor.

Let's not stop at his talent. The boy got manners! Seems like his parents raised him well. Yoseob is so likable he got so much recognition and respect from netizens for his thoughtful behavior. I could pretty much write a whole article about how mature and sensible Yoseob is, but I'll mention a few examples such as reprimanding the immature fans who 'witch-hunted' Rainbow's Jaekyung and scribbled Beast' dorm wall (then he himself cleaned the scribbles!), correcting his fans' viewing etiquette, persuaded his young runaway fan to return home, telling his fans not to left any trash in the stadium after Dream Concert (and the fans did picked up the trash while most of the other fandoms had already left), showing support to 'comfort women' and teaching his fans how to draw the National flag, and reminding his fans not to prank call police on April Fool's Day (which leads to this cute conversation with Busan police).

Beast is known for their generous fan service since their rookie days, but Yoseob takes fanservice into a whole new level.

Charming, caring and endearing. How can a guy like this even exist?!

And there's Yoseob and how he looks at fan.
His love for sports and dogs just makes him even harder to resist. For example, the result of his boxing training makes it harder to find B2uty with innocent mind. And if you wonder which Beast member who will likely be the last to get married, my money is on Yoseob, because he's just too in love with his dog Yanggaeng.
I'll never regret being a B2uty

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bunga Spesial untuk Setiap Bulan Kelahiran

Di post yang sebelumnya Afi sudah berbagi hal menarik tentang batu permata berdasarkan bulan kelahiran (bisa dibaca disini). Kali ini bukan batu permata, melainkan bunga

Bunga untuk kelahiran Januari adalah anyelir atau dalam bahasa Inggris disebut carnation *mulai sekarang setiap nama bunga yang ditulis miring adalah nama dalam bahasa Inggris*. Carnation berasal dari kata dalam bahasa Yunani "corone" yang artinya karangan bunga. Anyelir merah memiliki pesan "hatiku turut merasakan apa yang kau rasakan".

Violet melambangkan kesetiaan dan kerendahan hati dan memiliki pesan "aku akan selalu setia". Di Indonesia bunga ini dikenal sebagai iris.

 Daffodil adalah bunga asli Eropa selatan yang memiliki pesan "kamulah malaikatku".

Sweet pea
Daisy dan sweet pea adalah dua bunga untuk kelahiran April. Daisy melambangkan keadaan tanpa dosa (suci) dan keceriaan, sedangkan sweet pea memiliki pesan "terima kasih atas kenangan manis bersamamu". Memang terdengar seperti pesan perpisahan, tapi bukan, ini lebih seperti perumpamaan pasangan LDR (long distance relationship). Sweet pea adalah tanaman tahunan yang mengeluarkan bau harum semerbak saat sedang berbunga. Harus menunggu setahun lamanya untuk bisa mencium kembali harum bunga ini. Seperti halnya pasangan yang hanya bisa bertemu setahun sekali.

Lili memiliki pesan "hidupku telah lengkap karenamu".

Bunga untuk kelahiran Juni adalah mawar. Mawar secara umum merupakan bunga tanda cinta, namun "jenis cinta" itu bervariasi tergantung warna mawarnya. Misalnya mawar merah untuk kekasih, mawar kuning untuk sahabat, mawar putih sering digunakan dalam pernikahan, mawar pink untuk mengekspresikan kekaguman atau rasa terima kasih, mawar lavender melambangkan cinta pada pandangan pertama, mawar hijau sebagai pesan semoga cepat sembuh, dan masih banyak lagi.

Delphinium melambangkan hati yang terbuka dan memiliki pesan "kamu memiliki sifat yang baik".

 Gladiolus melambangkan cinta pada pandangan pertama.

Aster diambil dari kata Yunani yang artinya bintang. Bunga ini memiliki pesan "jaga dirimu dengan baik".

Marigold memiliki pesan "aku selalu memikirkanmu".

Mum adalah bunga yang melambangkan persahabatan dan memiliki pesan "kamu adalah sahabat yang baik". Di Indonesia bunga ini dikenal sebagai seruni.

Poinsettia adalah bunga yang sering digunakan sebagai penghias di waktu Natal, karenanya disebut juga bunga natal. Bunga ini memiliki pesan "kamulah satu-satunya".

Batu Permata Spesial untuk Setiap Bulan Kelahiran

Batu permata untuk Januari adalah Garnet, yang dapat ditemui dalam berbagai warna, tetapi yang paling umum adalah Ganet merah kecoklatan yang disebut Pyrope Garnet. Garnet melambangkan persahabatan dan kepercayaan.

Amethyst adalah sebuah batu permata ungu yang menurut kepercayaan Yunani kuno mampu menciptakan keseimbangan pikiran bagi pemakainya.

Batu permata untuk Maret adalah Aquamarine yang berwarna biru pucat dan melambangkan masa muda, harapan dan kesehatan.

Batu permata untuk April adalah berlian. Berlian adalah lambang untuk cinta abadi, sehingga tidak heran jika batu ini sering ditanamkan ke dalam cincin pernikahan. 

Emerald, batu permata untuk Mei, yang berwarna hijau ini sesuai dengan suasana musim semi di bulan ini. Batu permata ini melambangkan cinta dan kelahiran kembali.

Bulan ini memiliki dua batu permata, yakni Alexandrite dan mutiara. Alexandrite dipercayai dapat mendorong pemakainya agar menjadi kreatif dan bebas dalam berpikir. Uniknya, Alexandrite dapat berubah warna bergantung penerangan lingkungannya, dalam cahaya redup terlihat berwarna merah keunguan, sedangkan dalam cahaya terang terlihat berwarna hijau kebiruan.

Ruby, batu permata untuk Juli, yang identik dengan warna merah terangnya ini melambangkan kepuasan.

Salah satu dari sedikit batu permata yang hanya memiliki satu warna adalah Peridot. Batu berwarna hijau muda ini konon dapat memberi kekuatan bagi pemakainya untuk menangkal mimpi buruk dan pengaruh jahat.

Sapphire, batu permata untuk September, yang berwarna biru tua ini melambangkan kepercayaan serta kesetiaan.

Batu permata untuk bulan ini meliputi Tourmaline dan Opal. Tourmaline dapat ditemukan dalam berbagai warna, namun yang paling umum adalah merah muda dan hijau, sehingga batu ini mengingatkan kita akan...semangka! Sementara Opal memiliki campuran dari beberapa warna. Opal adalah lambang untuk inspirasi, kreativitas dan imajinasi.

 Citrine dan Topaz adalah dua batu permata untuk bulan ini. Keduanya sama-sama memiliki warna oranye yang sesuai dengan suasana musim gugur di bulan November. Topaz melambangkan kemurnian pikiran dan dipercaya mampu menggerakkan kembali energi di dalam tubuh yang terhenti.

Ada tiga batu permata untuk bulan ini: Turquoise, Tanzanite dan Zircon. Di antara ketiganya, Turqoise-lah yang paling terkenal. Batu ini melambangkan kekuatan dan perlindungan.


Afi suka dengan arti dari batu kelahiran Afi: "cinta abadi". Yap, Afi lahir di bulan April dengan berlian sebagi batu spesialnya. Tapi Afi nggak punya tuh satupun perhiasan berlian OTL 
Afi cuma punya sebuah cincin pemberian Bapak ketika berulang tahun ke 16. Itu aja mata cincinnya lebih mirip dengan Amethyst yang notabene batu bulan Februari. Afi emang pecinta warna ungu. Eits, meskipun mirip, tapi mata cincin Afi cuma permata bohongan dari kaca kok. Hahaha...
Kalau pembaca batu kelahirannya apa? Tertarik kah untuk membeli salah satu dari batu-batu kelahiran ini?

Monday, May 11, 2015

Best Collaborations by Beast's Yoseob

Yup... Until 2014, I count that there are 17 collaborations done by our favorite main vocalist, the very charming Yang Yoseob, with other artists outside from BEAST members *being main vocalist has its perks* 

Note that some of these collabs aren't official, meaning that it was a special live performance. There are no MP3 version of "Corre", "Running in the Sky", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "When I First Saw You" and "To You" since all of them are the special performance in 2014 Music Bank in Mexico; 2011 Sydney Kpop Fastival; 2010, 2013 and 2014 KBS Gayo Daechukje respectively.

Oh.. and by the way, I am hopelessly and completely falling in love with Yoseob's voice. So, don't take this list too seriously because I might like or dislike a song based only on Yoseob's part in that song, haha (ᗒᗨᗕ) But, don't worry, I'll try my best to give my thought about the other singers too (^o^)

Here's my list!
17. "From Where and Until Where" - with HyunA (4minute), 2014
Yoseob's part in this song is too high in my opinion. 

16. "Tearfully Beautiful" - with Nam Woohyun (Infinite), Jo Kwon (2AM) and Niel (Teen Top), 2012
This song is too cheesy for my taste. With a line-up of powerful vocalists, they sure can do better than this. Oh, and the blue costume.. it's just plain ugly.

15. "To You" - with N.EX.T; Son Dongwoon (BEAST), Kim Sunggyu, Jang Dongwoo and Hoya (Infinite); D.O., Park Chanyeol and Byun Baekhyun (EXO), 2014
There he goes again, making Beauty proud beyond measure. How Yoseob belted "Geudaeleul pogihal su eobseoyo~" (I can't give you up) is just breathtaking. That's the spirit! Sunggyu was also showing his inner rocker side. Dongwoo and Dongwoon are bartering their dorkiness. Chanyeol seemed pretty relaxed, but D.O. and Baekhyun looked.. nervous. The band, however, was the true star of the night!

14. "Perfume" - with Oh Seunghee and Choi Yoojin (CLC), 2013
This song is surprisingly good and I expect nothing less from Yoseob. The music itself is bright and..girly? At first I thought what Cube meant by 'Cube girls' is Gayoon and G.Na, but.. it turns out to be Seunghee and Yoojin who was still a trainee at that time.

13. "Bohemian Rhapsody" - with Lee Changmin (2AM), Kim Jonghyun (SHInee) and Jun.K (2PM), 2010
Without a doubt, I would put this song higher if only Yoseob had more lines. Hehe.. Gosh, Yoseob's rock-operatic voice blasted the damn sound system! The shortest one (and still a rookie, mind you) stood out the most. I can't get his lines out of my head, "If I'm not back again this time tomorrow" and "Oooo..baby, can't do this to me, baby" XD The Glee-esque dance and choir in the back were the plus points that make this collab compelling to watch.

Pssst.. Yoseob looks so cute here (miss his spiky hair). I swear, he looks like a 12-year-old-boy wearing his dad's leather jacket and bow tie X3

12. "If I Have a Lover" - with Choi G.Na / Heo Gayoon (4minute) / IU, 2011
Yoseob sang this with three different girls!!! He was most confident (almost like a teaser) with G.Na, cutest with Gayoon and shy with IU. So many different sides of our Yoseobie X3 Here's when Yoseob sang it with G.Na at BEAST's solo concert 'Welcome to B2ST Airline':
I find it funny when he took G.Na's hand (with his manly charm), and Beauties started screaming, then G.Na struggled to freed her hand. But Yoseob seemed amused by the fans' reaction. He tried to tease them again by touching the side of G.Na's head when the song slowed down, as if he's about to kiss her, and Beauties screamed even louder. Then, again, Beauties screamed when G.Na was tapping Yoseob's shoulder at the end of the song. Hahaha... XD Anyway, G.Na was gorgeous here. She was a tad taller than Yoseob and she wasn't wearing high heels. Yoseob, you shorty sweetheart!

11. "When I First Saw You" - with Jung Eunji (A Pink), 2013
Whose English was better? Eunji or Yoseob? Sorry Yoseob, I can't save you this time. I have to say Eunji's English was better XD I've been a fan of Eunji's voice since I listened to "Love Day", but this performance makes me adore her voice even more <3 Yoseob was amazing as always, but I do think this song was too low for him, especially in the verse. Maybe I'm not used to listening his voice that low *of course, in BEAST he's in charge of high notes* .__. On the bright side, I love their harmonization during "And day in.. and day out.."
Both of them are the main vocalist and the 'happy virus' in their own group. Not only on camera, but they also being playful off camera. Gotta ship them! Yay! <3
10. "Wish" - with Heo Gayoon (4minute), 2014 
Their voices are coated by honey, enough said. 

9. "Fly So High" - with all Cube artists, 2011
Three years ago this song would definitely be in the top 3. I have a soft spot for this song because this song is what turns me into a Cube stan.

What I love about Cube is that all of their artists can sing! All of them seem reluctant to use backtrack. I'm proud that they always sing live (yes.. lip-sync is such a bad habit, even if it's not illegal). I never saw them depend on backtrack and lip-sync for the sake of hardcore choreography that can wows the audience.

8. "Running in the Sky" - with CNBLUE and G.O. (MBLAQ), 2011
Woot.. woot.. This song is definitely my jam! I wonder why not a lot of people know the song. To be honest, this song needs more recognition. This was my first time watching CNBLUE and, wow, they're mega-cool! This was also my first time watching G.O.'s singing, he's such a lady killer! *I know, I'm a typical flop when it comes to other idols outside from Cube* Yoseob screaming, "Make some noise!" was EPIC. The audience was ecstatic. Overall, it's good to see the boys having fun and throwing ad libs here and there on stage.

7. "Christmas Song" - with all Cube artists, 2013
This is a kind of song that makes you want to cuddle your teddy bear and swing yourself to your right and left. And, look, the MV is so full of eye-candies!
I'm thankful for Yoseob's perfect opening and wink XD My favorite part is the part in which I can sing along a.k.a. the English lyrics, like "Jingle bells..jingle bells..jingle all the way" and "Merry christmas..oh happy happy day.. u-uh.." The transition from Junhyung's laid-back rapping to Ilhoon's frantic rapping is interesting.

6. "Bye Bye Love" - with Son Dongwoon (BEAST), Lee Changsub and Jung Ilhoon (BToB), 2013
Changsub is threatening to take Hyunseung's place as the my favorite duet partner for Yoseob at this point. Haha.. Kidding! Of course HyunSeob will always be my favorite vocalists in BEAST. But, can I have another ChangSeob collab, pretty please? The funny thing is that Ilhoon's rap was so good I thought it's Junhyung who is rapping XD My favorite part is "..jiwobolge bye~bye~bye~"

5. "Be Alright" - with Lee Changsub (BtoB), Heo Gayoon (4minute) and G.Na, 2012
Wow! No one should doubt the strenght of a song that is sung by Cube's finest vocalists! I love what G.Na did right before the chorus with her, "Ooo~wouwo.." Changsub really shone in this performance. The meaning behind is what makes this song special, like, you can sing this song when something bad happens to you or people you're close with. By the way, who else notice that Yoseob was the only one wearing jacket? So cute..

4. "First Snow and First Kiss" - with Chae Daniel (DMTN), 2010
Daniel and Yoseob's angelic voices turn into one of the best winter song I've ever heard. Everyone knows that Yoseob and Daniel were best friends during their trainee days in MBoat. First I snickered when Yoseob was mistaken as the younger one. Then I squealed when they were aegyo-ing during the photoshoot. Then I really felt like I met my first love on the snowy streets while listening the first chorus. Then I teared up when Daniel cried after Yoseob left the recording studio. Finally, I fell out laughing when I heard Yoseob's laugh at the end of the video. Aaah..only this song can make me go from happy to sad to happy again so fast.
I'm really touched by their friendship. 'The good old days' vibe from these photos.. I can't even.. .__.
Too bad, Daniel didn't make it. In 2013, he got involved in a scandal (consuming and distributing marijuana). Fast forward, in 2014, the court decided to send him back to America .__.

3. "Love Day" - with Jung Eunji (A Pink), 2012
Cuteeeeeee.. That's what this collab is like. Yoseob and Eunji, my king and queen <3 This song sounds like it was made for Yoseob and Eunji. If you want to know more about my thought on this, I have already wrote it in here (but unfortunately it's in Indonesian). Meanwhile, you can enjoy the music video. Warning: full of fluffiness and might induce diabetes.

2. "I Remember" - with Bang Yongguk (B.A.P.), 2011
I very much need Yongguk and Yoseob to be on stage performing this live ASAP. This is a very BADASS song! This song is opened with a beautiful piano playing. From there, it goes full on hip-hop with a touch of rock and meaningful lyrics. Yoseob's strong and melodic voice combined with Yongguk's powerful rap is a cool combo! I was like "Woah!" during this 3,5 minute-long-song. Don't you want to see Yoseob singing this badass song live? I know you do.
Yoseob and pre-debut Yongguk. I love the fact that they're the same age with Yoseob is just three months older than Yongguk.
1. "Corre" - with Kim Sunggyu (Infinite) and Yoo Youngjae (B.A.P.), 2014
(The official video with the actual Spanish song lyrics is blocked here, you can watch it right from KBSKpop Youtube channel)
Feels like I'm watching a collab from heaven. You can see how this performance touched the heart of the Mexican audience. Just imagine, thousands of people sang their hearts out. My favorite parts are Youngjae's "ya~ ya me lo se" at 1:53, Sunggyu's "verdad" at 2:29 and ultimately Yoseob's "corazo~n" at 2:02. Gosh, it's amazing how Yoseob changed his vocal register so effortlessly. 
Beside the three seemed to be absorbed to the song, were you also mesmerized by Youngjae's beautiful eyes? How about adorable Sunggyu enjoying the song by bobbing his head? Were you swoooned by Yoseob's warm smile to Youngjae when he walked to the center stage? Or by Yoseob's glassy eyes and his oh-so-sweet smile at the end of the performance? Or by the sight of a Beauty and a Baby (B.A.P.'s fandom name) sitting side by side when the camera paned out? Those are the tiny details that makes this performance so precious.

- Whoever Yoseob's partner in duet, Yoseob always seems like the younger one.
- I ship Yoseob with every younger single female singer he collaborates with.
- If Yoseob wasn't in BEAST, maybe he would choose to be a rock singer (and be a very good one).
- Yoseob's smile is the most precious thing in the world.
Okay, fellow kpoppers, that's all. It would be lovely if you could tell me which collabs are your favorites in comment sector. Happy kpopping and good day (^o^)