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Sunday, June 29, 2014

How I Come to Admire Thomas Müller

First, I want to tell you the first time I watched World Cup. It was 4 years ago and I was 13. I knew very little about football. I didn't know which country to cheer for. Then I remembered one of my favorite comics: "Captain Tsubasa". My immediate thoughts went to Wakabayashi Genzo (my childhood fictional character crush) and how in the story he went from Japan to West Germany to be a pro football player. Okay, this is embarrassing, but because of that I decided to cheer for Germany team in World Cup 2010.
See his badge? Yea, he's the regular goalkeeper in Hamburg SV.
It's silly that my partiality to Die Mannschaft is an influence of a comic book, but that's how it happened ^^a
Meet Thomas Müller, number 13, attacking midfielder.

After been watching World Cup matches for a while, I became familiar with some names like Miroslav Klose, Lukas Podolski, Philipp Lahm. I also knew Thomas Müller because of his constant contribution to score, but outside the field I knew nothing about him. Maybe because compared to the other three, he hadn't had much recognition.

Until I saw this...

(Source: FIFA World Cup awards - Wikipedia)

I repeatedly scrolled that up and down to make sure that my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. Seriously, how many players won BOTH awards in their first World Cup? 

He scored five goals and was tied for the best with David Villa, Wesley Sneijder and Diego Forlán. However Müller had three assists, the most in the group, which gave him the edge in the trophy race. And he's only 20 at that time.
It made me realize that it wasn't just a fluke with Müller. Maybe he's the one true sportician that was under my radar for too long. So, let me elaborate why this guy took my heart as my favorite player. Warning, this post might be subjective ;)

You don't expect from him a spectacular goal or a jaw-dropping dribble skill. In fact, this guy is stealing all the attention without the ball at his feet. Yes, I did say 'without the ball'. What does that mean?

If the opponent's in possession of the ball, he has a brilliant work rate, closing down direct opponents and helping out. He also has good tackles and ball-winning capabilities.

If a teammate's in possession of the ball, he has fantastic spatial awareness, meaning he has smart positioning and a sense to sprint into where the danger is. He also has unpredictable runs that draw defenders, opening the game for teammates.

With those reasons, no wonder he has assisted a lot. But he himself has scored a lot too (see the golden boot award). He is a wonderful close-range finisher. His special power is to find the tiniest hint of space and take an advantage of it.
Tee hee, this one is a very Thomas-Müller-goal. Nice reflex! :D
Müller is what you get when a player stops trying to do everything with the ball and nothing with their eyes and legs. He anticipates the rebound ball, which is why he could do this:
When Per Mertesacker's header was saved by Tim Howard, I was disappointed; I could not believe my eyes when the ball bounced back into the far corner of the net one second after that.

And there's a moment that simply made me reacted like this:
One of his sensational goal was created when he not only deceived Rene Adler with his positioning, I think most people including Adler thought he was going to back pass from that position, but instead, he curled the ball and scored it himself.
Who could have expected a ball that was shot from just inside the touchline to past the goalie?

In short, he can be everywhere and all of sudden he'll score. I don't think I have ever seen or heard about him being off side. He plays effectively, passionately and instinctively. Those are qualities that can never be taught by any coach. Combine that with his football brain of Einstein dimension and you will get the sneaky Raumdeuter, which is German for interpreter of space.

What else? Oh, he's a tenacious player. No matter how bad the opponents want to take the ball, he won't make it easy for them.
Personally, I think it's better for him to stay "underrated". I think the media can really kill off players' careers sometimes, and he's developing just fine without media all over him. Some say he's overrated because he's not flashy. But he is damn useful on the pitch, whether the right pass, the right positioning, or shooting. That's why real football fans believe he is one of the great players in the world today.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Favorite Smallville's Chlollie Moments (Part 6)

10x15 Fortune
This episode was about celebrating Clark and Lois' engagement, but in the end Chloe and Oliver were the ones who made the leap, but they didn't take the spotlight away from anyone. They got married and now they’re off celebrating it alone. This sums up the Chlollie relationship. It's a private, deep rooted relationship between the two of them.

Okay, it all started when Chloe slipped out from the party to clear her mind, leaving the others to watch the rest of their crazy bachelor party video. She had told Clark about her decision to continue her life at Star City. But she hadn't told Oliver

However, she wasn't going to leave without telling Oliver. They had plan to meet back at Oliver's place. She wanted to talk to him about her decision to leave Metropolis, and her role as Watchtower, however, she could not or would not ask him to leave his own life or give up anything for her, and that was where her uncertainty came into play. She's a bit unsure of his reaction. "Will he follow me?" She couldn't ask him to give up his life and do that, but maybe she's hoping deep down, that he would. She made no assumptions, and asked nothing of him. The mere fact that she took a job as a reporter at the Star City Register, shows me that she's choosing to stay close to Oliver in some capacity. It's his home town. She just didn't want to be Watchtower anymore ˓(ᑊᘩᑊ⁎)
Oliver, I--
It's okay. I can-- I can read  between the lines. Chloe, I never expected you to sit up in that ivory watchtower for the rest of your life. I know better than that.
There's no one who understands Chloe better than Oliver. Period.

Oliver then pulled out a folded piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to her. Chloe unfolded the paper. And a beautiful soundtrack from Amy Stroup, "Alas, We Aspire", started to sob my heart out (p′︵‵。) 
Turned out it was the other half of the marriage certificate, it had Oliver's name written on it, with his signature at the bottom ( ॣ•͈૦•͈ ॣ)
TWIST! I thought they had concluded all the things they did that day as mere drunk prank
How could I not be giddy to see the certificate turned into something real and epic. Moreover, I almost believed that the certificate was Clark and Chloe's (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

Chloe breaking into tears as she looked up to Oliver after she 'found out' that she has a husband was the best part of this scene imo. Oliver's face as he waited for her reaction was also perfect.. (*T▽T*)
The fact that Allison Mack and Justin Hartley delivered that with just one glance shows how talented they are as actress and actor (-^〇^-)

Chloe then displayed the other half, which she must have been keeping with her, thus revealing that Chloe and Oliver are FREAKIN' MARRIED! (●ゝω)ノヽ(∀<●)ヾ(>▽<)y ☆
Both Tom Welling and Clark Kent sent their best regards for them. Haha..
Gotta love Chloe when she bit her lower lip like she's experiencing the closest thing to utter euphoria. She's adorable (๑>◡<๑)✿
Chloe looked up again to give Oliver the big Sullivan smile. Oliver is such a lucky guy. He will get to see this infatuating smile from the cutest blonde this show could ever have for the rest of his life ( ˃̴◡ुؔ ) 。o
Their emotions and thoughts are connected, makes them the perfect fit for each other. His words made her laugh and her laugh made him smile. They've never been this happy for a long.. long time  (@⌒ー⌒@)
I don't know what you're thinking, but...I hope it's not that you're gonna run off without your husband. You didn't take a job in my hometown for nothing.
Nuff said. It's time to enjoy moment of tenderness from their first kiss as MR. and MRS. QUEEN! (Gosh.. how perfect that sounds! It's still hard to believe that they are actually married, eternally bonded. I'm so freaking pumped I can't explain!) (ノ≧∀≦)ノ
I love how they caressed each other's faces and how it seems that they didn't want to stop kissing. Awww!!! When their lips part, they stayed close for a moment breathing the same air, eskimo kissing, smiling, Chloe even still had tears of happiness in her eyes!  
My one true pairing is an endgame *scream*
I'M SO HAPPY. I had no doubt that they would eventually become a couple. But, I never in a million years though that they would be married X'D They so deserve it :')
I was devastated after their trade in Lazarus. I just couldn't take anymore separation. My heart shattered for them, but after watching them begin a new life together in a higher level of commitment my broken heart miraculously healed!
By the way, Oliver knew that he and Chloe are married by the time they were watching the video didn't he? I wonder if when he was looking at Chloe in the video scene that he was looking at her with the perspective of, "That is my wife." (⁎⚈⚈⁎)❤
I must be right. He knew he's looking at her wife!! (^∇^)
Oh, Oliver, you knew you just married. How come you didn't wanna shout, "World, I'm married to Chloe Sullivan!" from the roof top? Hehe. Just kidding (❛ڡ❛)
I love how both of them played it cool when they realized they're now married. It wasn't too overwrought or emotional but rather very mature with a touch of bittersweet and perfectly theirs.

This episode marked the end of Allison Mack's run on Smallville. After 10 years and 200 episodes, I still love Chloe..very much.. (/^-^(^ ^*)/

She’s getting back into journalism, she’s still a part of the superhero world, her relationship with Clark is strong and to top it all she gets to share all that with someone she loves who ‘gets her’ like no one else has. I can say with pride that that was the best send-off of any Smallville character ever °˖ ✧◝( ◕)◜✧˖ °
I've been thinking that's my true calling...finding heroes and helping them realize their true potential beyond the reach of Watchtower. [...] I've created a double-identity for myself. You're looking at the Star City Register's newest hire. By day, of course.
You go, girl! o(〃^▽^〃)o

It's funny how we kept imagining that our perfect ending for Chlollie on Smallville would be the two of them ridin' off into the sunset and headed to Star City like in old movies and that's exactly what we got in Fortune.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Favorite Smallville's Chlollie Moments (Part 5)

The scenes I'm going to share are more like the tear-jerking moments from Chlollie. Brace yourself, the feels are coming.

10x1 Lazarus
Season 10 picked up right where we left off with Oliver being ambushed by Rick Flag and the other Suicide Squad members in the air duct and Chloe screaming out his name over the distorted walkie-talkie. It didn't take a genius to figure out what Chloe's next step. She quickly inspected the footage of the attack, searching for any leads on Oliver's whereabout. For me, the only good thing in that video was Oliver's desperate love confession for Chloe. As sweet as it was to have Chloe finally said her "I love you" out loud to Oliver, still, it sucked that it took Suicide Squad's interference to make them speak what they had always felt…(•︵•)
"Chloe...They're not Kandorians. I love you!"
Chloe was trying to keep her emotion at bay
What I like from Chloe is that she doesn't break easily under tension. She's not the type who weeps uncontrollably on the floor or retreated into catatonic state after her loved ones was taken away. Instead, she coolly formed a plan like she always did. And she's wiser enough not to throw her problems at Clark. When Clark gave her a visit (of course to ask some information about Lex's abandoned projects), not a single time did she mention Oliver's status. Not because she didn't trust Clark, but because she knew he had gotten his hands full with his ultimate opponent coming back to life. 

With quick thinking, Chloe took the Helmet of Nabu at JLA headquarters. She knew damn well that the very same helmet drove Icicle nuts. Yet, she willingly risked her sanity to get closer to Oliver (′︿‵。)
"Show me where Oliver is."
I believe by putting the helmet, Chloe got a glimpse of Oliver being gagged and bound, covered by his own sweat and blood in a dark and cold dungeon.
Chloe looked more frantic than ever when she told Clark about what had happened. She was so wrecked at this point. She couldn't hide the fear of losing the man who's willing to freed her from her iron tower, literally, and helped her back to humanity.
"Oliver. Someone took him when you were fighting Zod. They threatened to take all of us. So I put on Fate's helmet. I couldn't lose him."
I noticed Chloe said "I couldn't lose him," which to me expressed how much she valued Oliver. There's so much urgency in her voice. It sounded like she'd die if she couldn't find him soon enough.
"Goodbye, Clark."
The moment I saw her sad knowing look, I knew Chloe had made up her decision. The decision was to take Oliver's place in EVERY WAY (ŏ̥̥̥̥﹏ŏ̥̥̥̥)
In the end, we saw Rick Flag telling Oliver (who was still blindfolded and tied up to a chair) that they would let him go. Then there's the iconic trade. There's too much emotion to handle for a scene which only lasted for 40 secs. It's heartrendingly beautiful.
Just the shoulder bump in that scene broke my heart because Oliver didn't realize what had happened.
Oliver could tell something was just not right when his mask came off and the car was driving away. I think he had some sense that they got someone else as a substitution for him, but he didn't know that it was Chloe who asked for a trade.
On the other hand, Chloe knew the whole time the person she bumped into was Oliver. When her mask came off we could see the emptiness in her eyes. Then, when she looked straight ahead she gave us a sense of the hell that she was going to have to go through before everything would get better.
I can't. I simply can't...
She loved him! Dammit, SHE REALLY LOVED HIM BUT SHE DIDN'T EVEN GET A CHANCE TO TELL HIM IN PERSON!!!! She exchanged herself for Oliver. Her life for his safety. Ugh, how can this be so tragic?!?!

*Sob.. sob..* Someone hold me.
I don't think I've ever loved Chloe more than how she put the lives of others before her own. I truly believe the reason behind her sacrifice was more than her love for Oliver. It was her belief in her hero and the role her hero played in the world. She understood that Oliver's presence in Justice League kept the team going.

Now let me tell you how painfully brave Chloe's action was. Yes, she had seen the future by putting up the fate helmet, but it's not like she knew everything. She had plan in mind, but there was no way she knew it would definitely work. There had to have been some doubt that she may just not come out alive. There were so many things that could have gone wrong. She was in it alone. Now that the Suicide Squad had gotten her, they could torture her all they wanted to get the information they needed. She knew that the group she surrendered to was capable of killing.

This might be overlooked, but try to think how Oliver would feel about this. He would be heartbroken that she left because of him. I think in a way Chloe knew there was the possibility Oliver might never forgive her, but she accepted that. Because she loved him more than that. She loved him more than she needed him to love her.

Even Clark has admitted this trait in Chloe a long time ago. He has said it twice. Back in season 9 episode 16, Escape, Clark warned Oliver about Chloe's unhealthy habit of underestimating her own worth when they're talking in McDougal Inn.
"One of her strengths is giving people what they need and sacrificing what she wants."
And earlier in this episode, Clark uttered his feeling for Chloe when he's waiting for her to wake up from her unconsciousness after putting the fate helmet.

"Chloe, I know you can hear me. You're the strongest person I know, and you're fighting for the rest of us. Don't lose that now when you need it the most. Don't give up."
I admit I was tearing up. If there was any doubt at all that Chloe and Oliver was into some kind of friends with benefits type relationship, this moment cleared it up. This showed that Chloe was in love and cared deeply for Oliver.

The one thing I learned from this is how sacrificial love can be :'(