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Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Favorite Smallville's Chlollie Moments (Part 2)

10x14 Masquerade
Being kidnapped together sounded so much more fun in theory.
I laughed so hard at their talk in the trunk. They were talking and Chloe didn't know what to call him and she was like "Let's talk about it later" and he was like "Okay, presuming we're not dead. Banter galore ∗˚(≧∇≦)˚∗

It was cute that Oliver gave Chloe a few hard truths and caused her to truly question herself. Girlfriend or not, everyone can see that they're already acting like an old married couple (ꈍ ꈍ) 

It all started because Chloe forgot it was their FIRST ANNIVERSARY. Unbelievable.. (ᗒᗜᗕ)
No! No! No, I did not forget that it's been a year since we started doing... Whatever it is that we're doing.
Whatever it is that we're ... wow. You weren't joking around at the restaurant, were you? You don't know what to call me.
Not in so many words.
We spend every waking moment together, right? We've said our "I love yous" how many times, huh? Several. What do you call that?
... Can we talk about this later?
Yeah, no, I'd... love to do that, if there is a later.
You're so dramatic.
And she just called him dramatic. Heh. 'Drama Queen' jokes. It's like for a moment they forgot that they were being kidnapped by FBI agents ┐(^~^)┌ 

They should really discuss their abilities to attract danger. Poor FBI agents, they didn't what's coming for them :p 

The whole Mr. & Mrs. Smith fight was comedic and cunning. I didn't know Chloe had it in her. So I'm guessing she took up some lessons in her months away. That's my only way of figuring it. They're badass! They said ILYs, smacked a kiss and moaned into the kiss. Can't keep their hands off each other while on the job *sigh*
They were working together to solve mystery of the day. Oliver scaling that wall was so hot. Just had to be mentioned.
Being a Chloe fan I am, the portrayal of Chloe fighting the seven deadly sins was one of my favorite scene. She's strong to overcome most of them (lust, sloth, envy and wrath). The one sin Chloe had the most struggle to beat was pride. Pride!Chloe was definitely getting to Chloe and saying things that were true, stating things Chloe had mentioned to herself, but never stated out loud or to anyone else. The EPIC moment is when Pride!Chloe mocked herself for giving everything up for a relationship, but it's actually what gave Chloe the strength to push forward and be pure-hearted.
All that effort you spent freeing yourself from your old identity, to suddenly give everything over for something lesser ... for a relationship!
Shut up.
I will not take a life, period. [...] Go to hell.
My Chlollie heart was extremely pleased by her emotional and mental strength because she just refused to be told that what she had with Oliver was "something lesser". Hell yeah, Oliver is crazy hot and utterly devoted. He's worth fighting for.

Clark came to her rescue before Desaad tried another way of torture to break her for corruption since he did discover the big weakness within her. By the way, how could she still look terrific, even when tortured, cold and wet? :3

Safe and sound at the Watchtower. When Chloe admitted that she doesn't know who she is anymore, because she's always defined herself by whatever role she was playing or by the expectations of others, my heart broke for her. The scene with her looking over some old yearbooks really brought home how much her character has developed. She's arguably the character who has experienced the most change on the show.
Something I caught. I don't know if it's a little comparison with her relationship with Jimmy or not, but this:
No matter what happens, I know who you are.
I know. And that's why I have never questioned the love I feel for you.
I've always had the impression that many times Chloe was unsure of her love for Jimmy. Not because she didn't love him. But because I don't think Jimmy could ever know her. I've always felt that she never let him in completely, always keeping something in reserve. She's tried to do the same with Oliver, but he's having none of it. I think it's a bit of a callback too, to their conversation in Escape when she says, "I think I just wanted someone who would GET me".

Well, Oliver GETS her. And she GETS him. It's one of the reasons they are so perfect for each other.

I think when Chloe came back in Collateral she was open with herself about her feelings for Oliver, she couldn't deny it any more, and she didn't want to. And this showed, she was much more 'hands on' with him when she came back. By this logic I'd agree that it would be ridiculous that she couldn't call herself his girlfriend. However I believe her inability to do this isn't because of how she felt about him, it was more about her and her place in the world. She was feeling vulnerable, she had erased her existence and was re-evaluating her life. By her own admission she wanted to hold on to something that reminded her of who she used to be as she felt she had lost this along the way. I believed her when she said that by adding another label (girlfriend) she was afraid she would lose another little piece of herself. I guess this is why I don't consider it to be a backtrack. To me the fact she couldn't call herself his girlfriend wasn't related to how how she felt about Oliver, it was purely to with how she felt about herself.

This episode was a big development for Chlollie as a couple and Chloe as an individual.
By the end of the episode she has made her decision "You don't have to do it alone"(symbolically it was nicely done with putting on the green leather jacket again).
Oliver asked about what they should call his adorable blonde, then she admitted that she's his GF, then he teased her about it (but you can tell he's so over-the-moon), then she told him to shut up because she's serious.
Let's start with "girlfriend" and go from there?
Okay. "Girlfriend" sounds kind of High School...
Then he grabbed her head with both hands and they KISSED ADORABLY, she responded by grabbing his arms *because she got weak in the knees and had to hold him so she could remain standing* :p
This is the kind of scene that meant: I'm here for you and always will be

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