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Monday, June 9, 2014

My Favorite Smallville's Chlollie Moments (Part 3)

10x21 Finale
First, I was glad to see Chloe get a happy ending.  If she wasn't going to brutally die protecting Clark, I wanted the extreme opposite, and that's where she has hung her hat. She has been seen in a life full of bliss with her husband, her son, and her friends. I can not ask for more :)
The church decorating scene was a reaffirmation of their love and relationship. 
Psst.. look at Oliver's smile, the cheeky smile reserved only for his girl.
"If Zatanna hadn't put you under that spell, would you still have, um..."
"Gone through with it?"
"Yeah. It's the best decision I don't remember making."
"What about you?" "Ditto."
I love how their smiles never left their face even while they're getting closer and closer.
Leaving an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction for sure.
Oliver pretty much told her that whether or not he was under a spell he'd STILL have wanted to marry her and that it was one of the best decisions of his life! (Oddly, my immediate thoughts went to Jimmy's words of how marrying her was the biggest mistake of his life or something to that effect. Nice contrast!) 
The hair tucking gesture never gets old.
So, what are we supposed to do now, anyway? Buy a condo and a cuisinart?

"Supposed to do" has never been a part of our unique relationship. We've always made up our own way of doing things."
"Yeah. Including making our big day the quietest non-event of all time."
Yes, Chlollie relationship lies outside of the Superman mythology. I regret nothing.
All this was the imagery and symbolism of their marriage. Chloe and Oliver, walking down the aisle, holding flowers, in a church, reaffirming that they'd get married, with or without a spell, kissing in front of the altar.

Maybe their marriage isn't the way normal people would have done it, but it's so THEM. It's how they roll. They started sleeping together before they ever dated. They fell in love before ever admitting it. They got married under the influence, but every time they've reached the next level in their relationship, it's ALWAYS where each of them really wants to be with each other. They do things kind of ass-backwards. But it fits them. 

They really do love each other deeply, and know each other so well. They're the colleagues that became friends that became lovers that became husband and wife. I love seeing their relationship evolve.

Finally, they walked as the maid of honor and the best man for Lane-Kent wedding. This makes me wondering how great they could be in their own wedding dress and tux.
What's left unexplained is how there was no whispering between the guests wondering how in the world Oliver Queen and Clark Kent, a farmer boy-turned-reporter, entered each other's lives and who Chloe Sullivan is to the billionaire.
Can they get any cuter? I don't think so.

The camera panned to Chloe and Oliver when the "true love" part of the vows came up. Oliver was already looking at her when she looked to him. That's real sweet!
"You're my best friend, you're my home, and you're my true love. And I am yours and will be forever."
I love the beautiful scene just before they parted to do their "hero stuff" with that famous cosmic-exploding-kiss. I love how when that scene ended, Oliver was right behind his wife, which was where he should be.
 "If Watchtower's down, I got to go to Star City to access my database."
"Well, then I'm going with you."
"No, I got this. Your talents are better used here with Clark." 
"Hey. I'd feel better if you let me be your chauffeur."
"No. You need to do what you do best ... be a hero."
"You too, Sullivan."
fyeah!Chlollie in tumblr has an amazing theory related to Chloe and Oliver’s first and last encounter on screen (Reunion and Finale).
Obviously it is not their last encounter as they are married and have a baby together (how awesome is that!?) but I just wanted to point out a comparison between the scenes that I love. Their last finale scene is a beautiful contrast to their first meeting in the barn through Oliver this time watching her leave. It shows how much has changed as back then he only saw Chloe as Clark’s best friend and Lois’s little cousin. But as we watched present day Chloe leave our screens Oliver watches her with utter admiration for the love of his life. It allows us to look back on what was only physical attraction on Chloe’s part to how they are now soul mates.

Thanks to tumblr, I found this amazing picture.
After ten years, Chloe hasn't aged much. Still beautiful. Clark and Oliver are two most important men in her life :D

Seven years after that, Chloe is tucking her and Oliver's son (yes, they have a son!!) to bed after reading him Smallville comic book. He looks about five years old :D
There are the bow and the arrows that indicate who is baby daddy!. And to my surprise, the targets are on the carpet :D
Aw.. Look, Chloe wears her wedding ring!
The Swiftie inside me was reminded of a Taylor Swift song titled "Superman", which lyrics suit Chlollie's son. He's a little Green Arrow and his eyes are green just like Chloe's.

♪ He's got his mother's eyes, his father's ambition
Chloe is gonna be one hell of a mom ^o^
What was lost can be found again. That advise is actually true. Oliver lost both of his parents in a plane accident. Chloe's mother was taken away to a mental hospital and Gabe Sullivan, well, some fanfic writers assumed he's remarried and moved town. I'm more than happy to know they finally got what they had always missed: a family =)

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