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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Yang Yoseob Pride

Us, B2uty, would mostly agree that having Yang Yoseob as main vocalist is an undeniable pride for Beast. There are various reasons of why a particular idol stands out in his/her group, be it visual, aegyo, swag, variety skills, 4Dness, leadership, wits, etc. As for Yoseob, his singing alone can put the other mentioned "talents" to shame. Yoseob and his voice are like the most precious gift kpop can offer to me.

Beast' Yang Yoseob has been praised by many senior singers and music experts because of his remarkable singing ability. The most recent praise came from producer and composer Kim Hyungsuk, who is currently appearing in MBC‘s Sunday Night- King of Masked Singer as one of the panelists.
King of Masked Singer has shockingly shown how talented idol singers actually are. Idols’ costumes and dances tend to take attention away from their singing abilities as their visual aspects are highly emphasized.
If I were to recommend a vocalist who makes these visual concepts disappear through singing, it would be Beast’ Yang Yoseob.
A few years back, Yoseob sang a song I wrote for My Princess’ OST, “Cherish that Person.” I thought he was just a pretty boy, but he turned out to sing so beautifully. His tone expressed freely regardless of the genre as well as his sound and breathing were exceptional.
He quickly adjusted to the vocal style that I desired, which cannot be done by any artist. Idols must have the complete package of singing, dancing, and looks, yet Yang Yoseob made me think that I should carefully and closely produce music in a way that emphasizes the singing aspect of the package.
In the fall of 2013, Yoseob was asked personally by Jo Sumi, a Grammy Award winning soprano, to do a duet with her in her La Fantasia concert. She even gave him a chance to sing "Mother", the song which convinced her to invite Yoseob.
Coincidentally, I watched Yoseob-goon singing ‘Mother’ on YouTube. I was so touched, and I really want Yang Yoseob (to perform together). Yoseob-goon’s thoughts are really pure and sincere, indeed an exemplary idol.
In an interview back in 2011, SS501 solo member singer Heo Young Saeng was asked among all the idol singers whose singing ability is the best and on giving them marks, and he replied,
Yoseob is the outstanding one. Shinee's Jonghyun is also not bad.
Even New York Times has approved Yoseob's capability in this music industry, particularly as a musical actor in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”only his second musical drama. In this article the writer Patrick Healy noted Yoseob as 'heartthrob' in musical industry, even called him as Justin Bieber in a Broadway show because of his ability to bring a lot of young female fans to the musical theater.
1,000 strong-audience fell into a mesmerized silence every time the spotlight fell on Yoseob, a sweet-faced star in the multibillion-dollar Korean pop music industry.
Personally, I really, really, admire his decision to step onto musical stage. Just like what Seoulbeats wrote,
While idols have plenty of experience in singing and dancing, and oftentimes acting, a difference exists between carrying out themed and synchronized performances, and delivering convincing lines in monologue and song, in front of (up to) 1000-member live audiences.
Rainbow‘s Seung-ah, who starred in "Grease", expressed her frustrations of overcoming her routine winking, smiling, and onstage fan service; she exercised control of these expressions during serious scenes. Shinee's Key also caused a stir last year when he attributed his avoidance of singing in the musical tradition to his fans; they’ve tuned their ears to his pop vocalizations.
Exceptions to this include Beast’s Yoseob, who has said that he enjoys delving fully into musicals and learning from experience. He said, "Popularity can be a bubble when there is no ability. So, I’m coming to the theater to learn. Kpop gives you fans, but I hope that musicals can give you skill."
Yoseob is now the fourth idol with the most musicals under his belt, having done five musicals. Super Junior's Kyuhyun and Sungmin both have done six musicals. JYJ's Junsu, who has done seven musicals, is a wall nobody can't climb over right now in context of idol-turned-musical-actor.

Let's not stop at his talent. The boy got manners! Seems like his parents raised him well. Yoseob is so likable he got so much recognition and respect from netizens for his thoughtful behavior. I could pretty much write a whole article about how mature and sensible Yoseob is, but I'll mention a few examples such as reprimanding the immature fans who 'witch-hunted' Rainbow's Jaekyung and scribbled Beast' dorm wall (then he himself cleaned the scribbles!), correcting his fans' viewing etiquette, persuaded his young runaway fan to return home, telling his fans not to left any trash in the stadium after Dream Concert (and the fans did picked up the trash while most of the other fandoms had already left), showing support to 'comfort women' and teaching his fans how to draw the National flag, and reminding his fans not to prank call police on April Fool's Day (which leads to this cute conversation with Busan police).

Beast is known for their generous fan service since their rookie days, but Yoseob takes fanservice into a whole new level.

Charming, caring and endearing. How can a guy like this even exist?!

And there's Yoseob and how he looks at fan.
His love for sports and dogs just makes him even harder to resist. For example, the result of his boxing training makes it harder to find B2uty with innocent mind. And if you wonder which Beast member who will likely be the last to get married, my money is on Yoseob, because he's just too in love with his dog Yanggaeng.
I'll never regret being a B2uty

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