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Sunday, June 7, 2015

My Ray of Sunshine, Yang Yoseob

Hello, fellow B2uties! As you know, my heart is Beast's no matter how hard my college life tries to set me apart from Kpop. Tonight is Sunday night, which means I have to go back to my campus life by morning. So I decided to satisfy my B2uty thirst a little more, and one link led me to this video:
^That, my friend, is the reason why I'll never stop being a B2uty. I'll support OT6 and OT6 only until they become old ahjusshis sipping green tea while watching their concert videos. Do you know why? Because there's no exit. The man in the video above blocks the exit. He locks me.

Yup, I was being reminded of why I fell for Yang Yoseob. Not just on the stage, he seems like a kind, bright, genuine person in real life. You see, he's the kind of person who is always in the 'present moment'. He pays attention to what others say. He really took his time to get to know people. He comes up honest and funny answers, but not at anyone's expense. I can always see the way he affects people around him. It’s like his positive energy is contagious. His presence has a power, but he’s never demanding or commanding. And he stays humble by picking up all the scattered scripts after the show ended.

His laugh is hearty and content. It's infectious! No matter how dull my day is, I just need to picture him laughing in my mind and I'll be as bright as sunshine again.

Him laughing be like (ᗒᗨᗕ)

Or like ( b°ਉ°)b
Or like 《《o(≧▽≦)o》》

Those dimples just multiply his cuteness!!!
It amazes me how he's able to match the 4D prince Hyunseung's wavelength a.k.a. sense of humor ヽ(◕□◕。)ノ
 Gosh, they're just so darn cute!!!
So, I just want to thank this particular man for being my emotional support. My life becomes significantly more colorful after I knew Beast's Yang Yoseob.

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