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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My List of Favorite Naruto Fanfictions

Consider this is my way to appreciate the writers who has flooded fanfiction.net with Naruto fanfics. No other animes or mangas can catch up with Naruto, as it has approximately 338,000 fanfics. Kishimoto has created a damn good fictional world!

I ship Hinata (yes, she is my favorite girl!) with any single man. Muwahaha.. So, yeah, most of the pairing (if not all) revolve around HInata.

The ones with are my ultimate favorites, highly recommended. Not many M-rated fics here, mostly T-rated. It's just that I enjoy reading the lemony part in a fanfic, not a fanfic which is entirely lemony :/

Be sure that all of the fics that don't belong in the 'ON GOING' section are complete fics ;)

All rights go to the authors!

 The Rebel Boy vs The Pianist Maiden by TheCrazyGurlz
Naruto is a boy with a rebellious streak while Hinata is a pianist with a gentle soul. Their personalities really contradict each other. One day, Naruto transferred to Leaf High School and meet Hinata on his first day, thus their story begins...

Yes, Naruto, Everyone Knew by Mists
It's the day after the events of "Naruto:The Last" and Naruto is preparing for his first date with Hinata. But in the process, Sakura leaks that, yeah Naruto, everyone knew she loved you except well... you! So Naruto sets out to prove her wrong and fails miserably! 

The Girl in the Elevator by TheseFourWords 
Naruto and Hinata live in the same building take the same elevator on their way to work each morning but are too shy to speak to each other.

The Ring that Binds by softwinds
Naruto sighed aloud as he thought about how tactless he had been. Although he was feeling much better now, he realized that one person had been truly hurt throughout the whole process. Now, rubbing the rings under his shirt, he closed his eyes and quietly whispered, "Hinata."

No Laws to Love by Ame no Megami
Hyuuga Hinata: wealthy, mannered, and smart. Voluntarily, she chooses to tutor a class at a local highschool. Sabaku Gaara: sarcastic, disinterested, and violent. For him and his friends to stay in their activity, they have to pass their physics class.

 The Debut by EmbraceDiversity
To establish political alliances, the major nations created 'The Debut', an event designed specifically for political marriages. When Hinata is forced to enter, her life takes an unexpected turn.

 Verbal Confession by EmbraceDiversity 
When Sakura is unable to lead the mission in Suna to establish a working medical program between the two villages, Hinata volunteers to go in her place. Her interactions with the Kazekage lead to irreversible changes for the both of them.

 The Benefits of Amnesia by Bullwinkle's Lady
After developing amnesia in Konoha, Hinata is sent back to Suna, unaware of her life there, or that she's married to the Kazekage.

I Won't Say (I'm in Love) by Fushigi Doll
Hyuuga Hinata, a kunoichi who forgot how being in love feels like despite capturing the hearts of countless men. But don't fret! A certain Kazekage won't mind teaching her again...albeit unconsciously.

To Kill an Angel by Light Bender
How far will someone go to kill an angel? What happens when the angel isn't killed, but rescued by a demon? What happens when sparks fly and love begins?

 The Uchiha's Bride by crazygurl12
After the fourth shinobi war, Sasuke returned to Konoha... But because of his past, there is an Anbu assigned to watch over him, and it is Hyuuga Hinata.

Coffee Connections by fyd818
Uchiha Sasuke has never believed in love at first sight - until he pours hot coffee all over his true love on their first meeting. Welcome to his life.

You Work for Me by Shining Serenity
Working sucks! No, it really sucks! But working for an arrogant, cold hearted, manipulative, good for nothing, meanie sucks even more! Too bad Hinata’s stuck picking up Sasuke’s dirty underwear!

Notes by sunshard
Hinata stared in confusion. In the margin of Sasuke's notes, underlined several times, was a name: Uchiha Hinata.

I don't usually recommend a NejiHina fic, but when I do have something to rec, it must be awesome. I enjoy their brother-sister relationship.
 Basemates by firefly
Some strange and revealing things are learned about Hinata and Neji when the two Hyuugas get trapped in the basement together on a cold, wet, and frightening October night.
[I can't explain anything at the moment because I.AM.STILL.LAUGHING X'D]

Brace yourself. It's going to be long.
 Heart Shaped Sticky Notes by the point
Naruto's life had always been spontaneous, always going and doing something. It's good, then, that Hinata's able to give him some stability in the little notes she leaves for him. But one day, there is no note. Suddenly, Naruto's life doesn't make sense.

 Types by Rayneken
Naruto is the "Guy's-guy" type. Hinata is the 'Classic-girl' type. Together, they're a type all their own.

 Two Can Play by NaniMok
His red eyes were fixed on the couple sitting in the restaurant. One corner of his lips lifted into a smirk before he muttered, "Two can play at that game."

 If You Said You Love Me by destiny's sweet melody
He always took her feelings for granted, and now it seemed like it was too late to take it back.

 Concluding Subtleties by Pastel Sky
He had become aware of the little details, and it took him quite some time to figure out why.

 Seducing Naruto by BetterDeadThanAlone
She had no idea how it happened, but it suddenly seemed like the whole village was trying to help her seduce Naruto.

 Seeking Approval by coelestis
Naruto has a late night conversation with his parents.

 Pretty Pretty Prankster by Alabaster Ink
Hinata was beautiful and, unfortunately, the rest of the world agreed. 

 Untitled by fuck danzo
Naruto has an erotic dream about Hinata. Awkwardness ensues.

For Naruto and Hinata by Alabaster Ink
So Konohamaru might, sort of, maybe have a bit of a crush on his boss' girlfriend.

Like the Back of My Hand by Juupitrie
Hinata knows Naruto like the back of her hand, so she's surprised and secretly smug when he challenges her to a game of 'who knows who best'.

Figuring It Out by max.tmy
Uzumaki Naruto is in love. And there are several people who figure it out before him.
For Every Season by Shawny Wong 
It started in the spring with laughter. It grew in the summer under her touch. By the time it was winter, Naruto finally figured it out.

A Push in the Right Direction by Shawny Wong
Kiba and Shino are ticked off. Hinata’s many suitors have become a real nuisance. No matter how often she turns them down, they keep coming back! If only she had a steady boyfriend. 

He'd Be Proud by MissWorded
Jiraiya would be proud of his prophecy child. If you know what I mean, and I think you do.

Miles Above by Newbie GK 
Hinata loved being scheduled for the same flight as Captain Naruto… except when she was trying to avoid him. Like now. 

Late Night Liaisons by Newbie GK
Naruto's first thought was that the girl was rather pretty. His second thought was that Sasuke was going to kill him when he found out.

The Possessive Uzumaki by Writingprocrastinator
The female population of Konoha had long ago decided that Naruto was not the acquisitive and avaricious type when it came to the girl he liked. But, unfortunately, assumptions are not the way to go when it comes to the No.1 surprising ninja of Konoha. 

His Dream by Kane Shi Megami 
Tsunade informs Hinata on why Naruto can't become the Hokage. 

PickUp Lines and Comebacks by AlexaSinead
For every PickUp line she had a witty comeback, but he still got to her heart.

LowFat by MRBee
Health is an important factor to every ninja, but 'low-fat' anything wasn't cutting Naruto. A little convincing goes a long way. How steamy can it get inside a grocery store.

Want Versus Need by Armageddon Angel
There's a difference between what you want versus what you need. Naruto realizes this as he thinks about Sakura and Hinata, the two women closest to him.

Finding Love by cherryjutsu (tumblr)
There was something about her that drew him to that diner each and every day for an entire year. It wasn’t the food, or the sub-par service. It was her. Her smile, her voice, her posture, her everything. It was intoxicating. She had never served him, not even once, nor had he spoken a single word to her. But he watched her, for a year, thinking about a million different things to say to her. And then one day she was gone.

NaruHina by journalist298 (tumblr)
It's about jealous Naruto post 'The Last'.

 Aubade by Lotos-Eater
In a rare moment of awareness, it occurred to Gaara that death by sunburn wasn’t something a normal person would have on his mind while staring at his lover.

Mixed Drinks and Techno Beats by OnsenSong 
Pity and lust can lead to some unexpected things. Introducing the first ever GaaHinaSasu. 

A Little Lower Please by Jacal Ste. Worme
Gaara and Hinata do something very relaxing.. But what, exactly?

Of Hinata and Illness by The Kitty-kitty
Gaara doesn't want to see Hinata. Fluff.   

Noises in the Bedroom by sinemoras09
Temari is too nosy for her own good. 

Friends and Favor by gracemis
"I was told that I should give a gift to the girl who is important to me." Gaara explained.

Make Me a Sandwich by dreamer.at.heart
Gaara doesn't really understand girls.

 The Irony of Love by juliagulia1017
Tired of Naruto messing up her chances of being with Sasuke, Sakura comes up with a plan to get the dobe out of her hair once and for all. SasuHina, NaruIno, SakuPAKKUN?!

 The Ultimate Snowball Fight by tranquilwriter
What started out as a simple snowball fight at Hinata's birthday party, evolved into something more between friends Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuga.

The Chill of Winter by Lanse
Warmth can be found in the most unexpected places. 

Epiphanies by sunshard
They were a subtle couple, but one by one their friends saw the signs. Naruto caught on…eventually.

Rain by Demeterr
“Did you realize how long I waited for it to rain and for you to actually forget your umbrella?” he questioned. 

Laundry Day by juliagulia1017
Sasuke is unintentionally exposed to one of Hinata's little secrets. It's only fair that he reveal one of his own.

Second Thoughts by Bullwinkle's Lady
No one gets away with leaving Uchiha Sasuke at the alter.

Tomato Juice by shikaruTo
When Hinata accidentally bought that last can of tomato juice, she never expected Sasuke to grab her mindlessly and... 

Psychological Thrillers by moonlight gal
"I would like to know, Uchiha-san, why I was lied to about a dirtied shirt, of all things. Forgive me, but it's rather offending." "Do you have the right to talk about offense, Hyuuga, when you've tried to set me up with someone I don't even like?"

Common Knowledge by Fushigi Doll
Contrary to how she knew Naruto, the things Hinata knew of Sasuke...was next to zero, much to the Uchiha's frustration because the basic facts about him were supposed to be "common knowledge". How come she didn't know?

A Study of Mannerisms and Alterations by MissLe
It was a Thursday night at roughly 9:03 p.m. in which Hinata discovered just how magnificent Sasuke Uchiha's nose really was. 

 Indigo Stars by firefly
With the elders gone to celebrate the Hokage's birthday, Neji and Hinata are left home alone together. And once assigned with the duty of caretaker, Neji learns one calm night that the reclusive Hinata has an affinity for fireworks...

 Neji's Sun by darklight1601
Neji can't help but be angry with her. He can't stop being mean. So why does she keep coming back?

An Error of Ignorance by Blacknbluesiren
Neji is a genius, no doubt about it. But even geniuses make mistakes. Like overlooking the presumably weak, for example...Neji learns the hard way that there are some things Hinata will NOT tolerate, and God help the idiot who does not heed her.

===Team 8=== 
 Infinity by Antifisheshtablishmentarianist
Team Eight was not chosen because they fit together… they were chosen because they fit with no one else.

 Tents by greenolive
It's the coldest night on record, and it's hard to sleep if you don't have someone next to you to keep you warm.

Olfactory Flaw by firefly
After finally meeting up again after 3 years, Shino is irritated and Hinata is dismayed to find Kiba avoiding her like the plague, for reasons beyond anything she could have possibly imagined.

Curses! by Spazoid
Kiba teaches Hinata something new.

Why are there so many fics I came across to being UNFINISHED? Why..why..why..? D':
The Fifth and Sixth Jidai by Juupitrie
The Rokudaime Hokage is in love with his secretary.
[Last update: 2012/10/22]

The Therapist by Nocturne Weaver
Hyuga Hinata is a poor girl turned somewhat popular due to her talent for massage. Her elevating success at her new job in a high-class bathhouse attracts Sabaku No Gaara. Her special service attracts even more unwanted attention.
[Last update: 2011/04/01]

The Bet by hyugaheiress 
Jiraiya and Tsuande make a bet involving Hinata's love life as well as Gaara's and Sasuke's. Temari and Ino then make a bet within that bet.Who will Hinata choose, the Uchiha or the Kazekage? Now throw in a lil girl who claims her parents are!
[Last update: 2007/06/30]

Life, Unexpected by snappers
Uchiha Sasuke receives a call that Itachi and his wife die in a car crash. Then he discovers that his brother left him with a legacy - Itachi's 5-year-old daughter. Thus, Sasuke becomes the reluctant guardian. 
[Last update: 2014/02/27]

The Wedding by Fairheartstrife 
A week long pre-wedding celebration turns into something unexpected for two of the guests. Old friends, rivalries, and romance blend together for an eventful ceremony. 
[Last update: 2013/09/15]

Stockholm Syndrome by misery.loves.black.sheep
Hinata has a stalker, Sasuke Uchiha is obsessively in love with her and will stop at nothing to have her for himself. One day he finally takes action and abducts her. Will Hinata escape his clutches or will she experience a bad case of stockholm syndrome? 
[Last update: 2008/08/05]

Our Casual Encounter by Milkshakecat200
Sasuke is a 23 year old who has sworn off women in order to concentrate on his career but when he meets Hinata in a bar one night their casual relationship begins. Can they really just keep things casual or is one of them falling in love with the other? 
[Last update: 2016/10/04]

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