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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Beast Be Slaying This Comeback!!!

Yesterday at 8.15-10.45 pm I marathon watched Beast’s live performances in various events (music shows, concerts, music awards, gayos, etc) from “Shock” until “12.30” era. And I tell you, those 150 minutes of fangirling gave me so much feels. I am on a Beast kick right now. 

First, I want to tell you how I became a B2uty. I was 14 when my friend showed me the DVD of Beast’s first solo concert: Welcome to B2ST Airline. Beast wasn’t the first boyband she tried to get me to like. Well, I am not going to mention the other boyband’s names. Let’s say the other boybands have members whose faces were visually perfect. And that kind of perfection just didn’t draw me in. On the other hand, I found Beast was more appealing because they looked like good-looking guys from your big brother’s clique, not like the strikingly handsome models whom I would be bored seeing after a while. My first impression of these boys was that they seemed to be the dorky, happy-go-lucky type. This thought was later solidified after I saw them performing “Beautiful”. They totally rocked their lives, they knew how to have fun on stage without sacrificing their performance. And there was this particular baby-faced-member whose voice gave me goosebumps instantly (you know who!). The light-hearted song, the adorable choreography, the energetic life performance, and Yoseob’s cuteness (I didn’t know a boy can be that cute!!!).. those things were DIFFERENT from every Kpop-related thing I had ever seen. So, after the school was over, I made a life-changing decision. I told my friend I wanted to borrow the DVD. And I was a B2uty right away. Not long after that, I learned about their backstory. I could only wonder what Cube saw in them as they decided to debut a group from a bunch of rejects. Not only one or two member, but all of them (excluding Dongwoon) suffered from being the unchosen ones before joining Cube.

I am not like most international fans who likes to stan many groups, I am happy enough with Beast. Just their music is enough for me, because Beast is an incredibly diverse group. You want the pop dance tracks? They have them. You want upbeat songs that makes your body free-styling? They got them. You like sad, heart-wrenching songs? Their ballads are looooved by the nation. Netizens even gave Beast a nickname: ‘Praying for rain-dols’. Because every time they release a ballad, it would be raining. And every time it rains, “On Rainy Days” would climb up the chart. They have five songs that got a roof hit on Melon chart and all of them are ballads. The thing I am most proud of Beast is their sincerity and skill to convey their feelings into the song, indeed.

Let’s slow down the praise train for a moment. There were times when I had mixed feelings for them. Midnight Sun was the most awkward era for me. “Beautiful Night” is pure jam! I love the overlapping HyunSeob’s verse/chorus and the ever-so-catchy lyrics *shouting bam-iya-iya*. The video, unfortunately, was a let down. They tried too hard to look cool. I actually enjoy listening to “Shadow”, even if there were parts in the chorus that sounds a bit repetitive. However, it wasn’t the most public friendly song. It didn’t fit the happy summer athmosphere. Not to mention the long gap time between Midnight Sun and HTLHTL. It was so sad to hear that a lot of B2uty leaving the fandom to join the fandom of newer and more hyped up groups.

I quietly wished Beast could bounce back after experiencing what seems to be the lowest year for Beast since “Fiction” freed them from their nugu status. I knew that no group could stay at the top forever, but it still annoyed me how people were saying that Beast needed second “Fiction” to be famous again, since they already reached their peak and blah blah..

And here I am, having my life revolved around these six men for about 3,5 years now and still excitedly waiting for Beast’s 8th mini album ‘Ordinary’ to come out. This comeback will be the third comeback that I'm going to follow from the beginning. Beast has dropped their pre-release song, and it's a happy song! It's called "Gotta Go to Work". A long-time B2uty would understand why this song is refreshing. Beast isn't singing a broken heart song, for crying out loud XP And the in "Gotta Go to Work" MV, they look five years younger! Oh gosh.. I need to breathe.. Seobie is blonde and looking so cuteeeeee, JunSeung' voice in the chorus is perfect, Doo is a lovely husband, Kwangie looks charming, Woonie looks fabulous and I'm babbling now... XD I am definitely gonna live this promotion period to the fullest ^0^

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