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Monday, July 27, 2015

Beast's "YeY" is Finally Out, and...

First thing I did after arriving from a three-hour trip was to turn on the WiFi and stream Beast's "YeY" MV that was released on July 27. The next day, which bring us to now, I just have to type down my feelings for their new song.

I'm the type of person who likes to read other's comments before I watch something. Some of them said that the verse is better than the chorus. Then, after I watched it myself, I immediately thought, "Damn, they were right!" The 'yey yey yey yey' part is quite high-pitched, and the EDM in the background is a bit noisy. It was confusing, how the verse flowed oh-so-good, and the pre-chorus sent electrics to every part of my body, but when the chorus came I was like, "Huh?"

BUT, I gave it another try. I listened to it again without thinking about anything. Then, I found it enjoyable. It's weird, right? It was past midnight and I stared blankly at my screen, wondering how the song managed to leave different impression on the second try.

Then, someone wrote a genius explanation in a forum:
They say if a song's structure is completely unfamiliar that your brain won't like because in parts where you're anticipating the song to go one way, it actually goes another. But when you listen to it more your brain becomes familiar and anticipates what's really coming up in the song, that's when a song grows on you.
That was exactly what I experienced regarding to this song. It never happened before because I am NEVER disappointed when it comes to Beast's music. "12:30" is the perfect example of their song that I love right away, and Knetz's reaction to it was overwhelming. There was a ballad called "On Rainy Days" that was released more than 4 years ago, but it's still able to top the chart whenever it is raining in Korea. Ever since "Clenching a Tight Fist" got good receptions, they always gave a ballad pre-release. And that's how Beast got their streak of pre-release wins with ballads like "Will You Be Alright" and "No More". That's how good their ballads are. With that awareness in mind, they could've chosen the easy path and released another ballad for this comebackanother "12:30"but they didn't, and I appreciate that.

People could judge this song all they want, but to say that Beast is trying too hard to be like Big Bang because "YeY" sounds more like a Big Bang song is just too stretched. No one is trying to copy anyone. Junhyung composed this with Good Life team, and talked to the other members before they decided to use this song. They simply evolve, just like they always did. I remember when "Beautiful Night" came out, it was no less controversial than "YeY". The situations are indeed similar. The cheerful "Beautiful Night" brought out so many mixed reactions since it came out after the solemn "Fiction". Doing something completely different doesn't strip them of their originality or skills as a singer. It's hard to define a 'style' that Beast is good at because they always pulled it off no matter what the genre of the song is. More important than an all-kill or numerous wins in music shows is their willingness to get out of their comfort zone and try bolder sound like this. It will enrich their skills and experiences which will be useful in the future. Good for them.

Now, onto the MV. I never had problems with it. I just enjoy seeing them making various expressions while partying like crazy, especially Daddy Doojoon's shit-eating-grin, which appears quite often throughout the MV XD
Sorry if the picture is low-quality. It was screencapped by me after all T.T
Oh, how could I forget JunSeung's couple ramen hair? I understand why fans are whining about that. I wouldn't want my Seobie in that hairstyle either >,< I think it would feel better if you take it as 'just for laugh' thing. It does help new fans to memorize the members by their hairstyles *peace* *runs from Honeys and Jesters*.
The coolest part in this MV has to be Gikwang's part in the second pre-chorus, starting around 2:14. A long-time B2uty must be feeling all nostalgic right now because Gikwang used to be the dancer/stripper A LOT when Beast just debuted. Ah, I'm giggling so hard right now. Gikwang, what did you do to me?!
And there's the cutie pie Yoseob who is looking fine with his new blonde hair <3
Bonus: Dongwoonie at the back with ponytail XD
Well, my ultimate message is wait for the full album and live performance. Have faith. With Beast it's all or nothing. Thank you for reading my long-ass essay. See you after Beast's live performance =)  

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