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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Susan Pevensie, the Forever Queen of Narnia

Ooh.. Narnia, please, hear me out!
I couldn’t be more perplexed about the controversial grim fate of Susan Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia. I realize I might bore you, readers, since I brought up the topic that has been carried over the internet. Did it make me feel better after reading the discussions? NO.

I’m very loyal to every characters I feel connected to in many stories, fictions and movies. And I’m so torn to know that our dear Susan has been dumped by her own creator, C.W. Lewis, from the kingdom of Narnia.

I’ve only watched the movies, never read the novels (Hey, after all, I’m an Indonesian, reading an English novel with hundreds of pages is not a regular thing I do). I only dig the surface of this problem here. I’m never been the detail buff. I don’t have the ability of a film critic. But, once my heart tied to it, I don’t let it go easily. That’s what happen to me now. I CAN’T let go of my faith in Susan Pevensie.

I’m here to defend Susan. 
On your screen right now, is 14-year-old Susan Pevensie who is legitimately a high school student in England. However, Susan, being an ordinary teenager she is, carries a big rensposibility to be the Queen of Cair Paravel. 
She shone even brighter when she turned 19.

But none of that glory dispels her nature as a tender-hearted sister toward her siblings. She is known among Narnians for her gentleness.

Despite all of her feminine traits, her archery skill has been a legend. Leading her own corps of archers in the battle, she demonstrated herself to be a capable combatant.

And who isn't stunned after this scene? 

In order to save Lucy, Susan sent her sister off, leaving her to face the cavalries alone. Without hesitates, she strikes them down one by one with only one shot right in the heart. Her focus, her stance, her selfless action and her bravery win over me. No question, she is the coolest queen in Narnia!!!

She has both inner and outer beauty. Truly a woman of every man's dream.

Stuff the horrible plot that the author gave to her. For me, Susan will always be the respectable and strong queen

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