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Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Tribute to Jack Frost's Past

We shall not forget Jack's past life with his precious family, especially his little sister with whom he spent his last moment as a mortal human, before he become a guardian *✲゚*

There are a few suggestions for her name, like Sarah, Jill, Emma and Mary. However, Pippa (Jamie's friend) and Jack Frost's sister are voiced by the same voice actor. Due to this, many fans began to claim this name for Jack's sister.

So, what do you like to call her? Personally, I like to call her Emma Frost. Because it's the name of the main heroine in Once Upon a Time, if you're curious about the reason why I pick that name.

I feel sad for Emma. She must have had a hard time believing that she caused the accident. Watching someone died in front of you.. must have been a hell of a nightmare. So tragic and traumatic (╯︵╰,)
Can you imagine her pain every time she walks past the lake--or how tears run down her face when she pray for her brother?

And Jack who didn't remember anything about his past wasn't better either. Can you imagine his jealousy over watching the other kids sitting with their family--or how bad he wants someone to notice him already?

Ironically, after 300 years he still can't recall the fact that there was once a time he must have had home and family too.
Even though it's painful to think that he lost his life at such a young age, at least the good memories will never fade away.

Even after he died, Jack still embraces Emma. Sadly, he is invisible to her. But, no matter what happened she will always be like everyone's little sister.

We owe Emma for being Jack's most precious memory (❁´◡`❁)♡

This blonde and gentle girl may only a fan made characters, but her existence feels right to me. Jackson Overland Frost was a fun-loving boy and he had many friends. Don't you think he must have had a special friend or at least a girl who had crush on him too?

Her name is up to the fans. But Fanpop has claimed a name for her, which I like: Lyra Wolf. Check out their togetherness from her point of view. I'm certain that Lyra is Jack's real love. Words can't describe their relationship during the time when Jack's still alive. 

Everyday is their spring

Fate chose a separate path for them, unfortunately.
I've been told that every soul knows its time to leave this world. When someone is about to face his time to die, his soul knows it, even if his mind doesn't know. 

From this picture, I can see Lyra got a bad feeling about Jack taking Emma to the lake. Maybe, their souls are connected. She could feel it deep down in her heart, like something's telling her Jack's not coming back. But, she assumed it's just another wrong feeling. Look at her troubled look, watching Jack walks away.
She cried alone in Jack's funeral day. Couldn't bear the guilt that she could have been stopped him from going to the lake.

This is the memory of their last hug, the last time Jack put his arms around Lyra.
Now, ever since Jack got his memory back, the face of smiling Lyra is following Jack.

I think this is time for me to stop because I'm a mess right now. 
See you, hiks.. ・(/Д`)・

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