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Monday, August 12, 2013

Jack Frost's GIF Pictures

This would be my last post about Jack Frost. Though, I will still update if there's anything new.. but not for now or soon. I will rest and concentrate for my college. This character is not just a myth, it's a legacy for youngsters with big dreams. Belief is the key. Once you believe, you will be able to create your own world (-^〇^-)

This is my ultimate collection. From fans to fans and with the fans.. I gladly present to you the gif pictures of Jack Frost I've collected! (Note: All of them are from Tumblr) (○゜ε^○)

Now, let's see my favorite gif ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
I have a thing for Jack with hood on. My, my.. I'm sure there's something mysteriously tickling me whenever I see this gorgeous blue riding hood. Let's see him once again on a slow motion, shall we? (*≧▽≦)

Roll on to the next picture..
This is also my favorite. Jack BANG me with his trademark smirk! (。♥∀♥。)
*Die of happiness* ✖‿✖

Because I'm already dead, I post this as a ghost now ٩(ñ_ñ)۶
Who wanna see his smirk once again in slow motion?! (>▽<)/

Finally we're at the last picture of this post, which means we have to kiss our Jack goodbye (;へ:)
 "My name is Jack Frost. I'm a guardian. How do I know that? Because the moon told me so. So when the moon tells you something.. believe it." -Rise of the Guardian-
Dear Jack Frost,

It's been a really great pleasure to meet you. Time does fly with you around. But I don't regret any of those times I spent watching you, collecting you (haha, this sounds weird), posting about you, laughing because of you, crying because of you and thinking about you.

All of my friends were whining, "I'm bored, I'm tired."
They asked me, "How do you live up your days? You always look so happy."
I found the answer in my heart, "That's because you don't have a hero like mine."

Jack Frost, you're the hero that lives up my life! ★☆*:.。.\(⌒⌒)/.。.:*☆★

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