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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jack Frost's Fan Arts

This is my 40th post since I first posted in March 2011. Wow.. this has to be celebrated with something that can please RotG fan girls like me out there Ψ(`▽´)Ψ

You can call her Jessica or Jackie. But I like Jacqueline Frost the best. I don't know why. I just like that name.
You hold the record! :D
You wonder how the male guardian squats look like if they get a feminine touch and toothiana as a man?
Bwahahaa.. Look at Bunny with his mean eyes and eyelashes!!!
Princess Snow Jack. Bless her!
A beautiful boy is lying down on the snow making snowmans and smiling to us *melting*
Love the background and the angle. We can see his shoeless feet, the dazzling moon and snow flowers cycling him.

What a cool combination! Jack Frost + Vanessa Von Schweetz = Adrenaline is pumped!
Jack even has his own race car


We all know Jack's past. It could have been a sad memory, but Jack turned them into a golden memory. How's he doing that?
It's the same answer to the question why Jack was chosen to be a guardian. His heart is pure. He wants nothing but to give the happiness of others, even if it costs him his own life. If you need proof, remember the scene when he gained his memory back. Once his memory returned, he was only happy and grateful to know that she had survived, rather than be disheartened that he had drowned. Moreover, it gives him reason to be a guardian. He's the one who can protect children.

I love this picture!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE (≧∇≦)♥
I love all sides of Jack, the guardian, the human and the evil one. I love how the diamonds turn into shattered ice and dark. Am I wrong for loving how helpless Jack looks when he's drowning? And sometimes we have to face the devil in ourselves, right, Jack?

This is Jack's deepest nightmare (but, it's our sweet dream XP). A little more fear and evil, he becomes like Pitch. Even so, the only creature who can compete with the hotness of White Jack is the Black Jack. After some research, I can finally give you the picture of Dark Jack that wins the hottest title in Zerochan, being the favorite of 300+ viewers.
His eyes.. they turned into YELLOW!
There is nothing cooler than Jack on suit, period! This picture is a drop dead shot from Jack to us, his fangirls *Q*

Fanfiction witers, if you read this, then you must know all of the non-canon pairings. As in slash. Jack/Bunny, Jack/Pitch, Jack/Jamie, ring a bell? Eww.. I'm not going there >,<
I find the cutest non-canon pairing happens to be Jack with Sophie Bennett. They spent a lot of time together. And soon enough, Sophie might grow a romantic feeling for Jack

A kiss on the cheek won't be a problem (_´ω`)

I believe I have mentioned that I'm not into slash, which makes you wondering why I brought up Jack and Bunny. But, there is an exception if it doesn't lead to yaoi (it's a term for boy's love, why am I explaining this anyway? -_-).

I picture them as brothers or buddies. Tee hee.. (⌒▽⌒)
As a bonus, there's a continuity from Jack and Sophie's friendship XD
I'm hungry just looking at the foods :9
Jack looks riveting doing his ice trick while Bunny is just so darn adorable  (‘∀’●)♡
It's always refreshing to see them out of their uniforms or having some me times in holiday ( ゚▽゚)/ 
Aren't you tired after working all day, Jack? ε-(´・`)

My frozen little marshmallow
That's all, folks. Thanks so much for being here. Especially for you, Dian, who always spared some of your time to read my babbling. I don't owe any of these. All pictures belong to Zerochan. Love, Afifah ^▽^

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