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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Big Four : Heroes

Do you know who they are? ;)
First of all, I'm proud of being a part of this fandom. I couldn't be happier to introduce these four. They are Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, Rapunzel, Merida Dunbroch, and Jack Overland Frost.

Even though they come from different movies, their stories and their traits are what bind them together as an amazing friendship experience.

Hiccup is from How to Train Your Dragon which is released on March 2010 by DreamWorks Animation.
Rapunzel is from Tangled which is released on November 2010 by Walt Disney Animation Studios.
Merida is from Brave which is released on June 2012 by Walt Disney Animation Studios.
And the last, but not the least, Jack is from Rise of the Guardians which is released on November 2012 by DreamWorks Animation.

The heroes : (From left) Merida, Jack, Rapunzel, Hiccup
 If they are about to play in one movie, we'd like to call the movie as

Their movies come almost at the same time as we are still able to recall them. Those movies were all great and so famous. They showed meaningful stories whose heroes and heroines are about my age, so I can relate very well with them.

Belief.. Change.. Freedom.. Bravery..

They are all unique. Their strengths, their weaknesses, their pasts, and their dreams are different (of course, because they are different individuals). But it all seem connected. 

What I like about them is their distinct personalities. One of them is a playful and fun (also the hottest *Q*) guy, the other guy is quiet (also bulliable XD) but very smart and diligent. Then we have two girls who are obviously very different, one is super tomboy, one is girly and fluffy :3

Their background stories are really something. In their eyes, life was incomplete, lackluster, mysterious, and unfair.
Jack was reborn with a whirl and loneliness in his heart. Questioning why he was brought there and why nobody can see him.
Rapunzel had never seen the world. She would give everything to step out from the tower and the lights she saw from the window every year.
Hiccup couldn't find his potential. He was struggling with his lack of confidence and the unfair judgement everyone addressed to him.
Merida was frustrated with the rules. Everyone around her kept pressing her to be someone whom she didn't want to be. 
Life is not always easy. Sometimes, we had to hear the bad news or accept unwanted decisions made by someone else for us.
They have their own problems. 
Hiccup had become an underdog, everyone even his own father doubt his ability to become a viking. 
Rapunzel had to face the world's verdict that prevented her from dreaming and having a happy-ever-after life.
Merida had to make a rebel of her own mother. They had opposite mindset. She was dying to gain her freedom.
Jack had a problem with the other guardians who underestimated him. He worked hard to prove what fun can do.

The fear crushes their guts.

Seeing them in their most heart-breaking moments gives me such a feeling :(
By the way, who changed Jack's eyes? They're blue not green! >,<
One thing we know from them. They won't give up! They are persistent with their attitudes.

Still, they fight until the end. Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless. Rapunzel and her frying pan. Merida and her bow. Jack and his magic staff.
As the adventure goes on, they learn many lessons. They learned who they really are and how good will always win if they believed. Even though the stakes are high, there will always be someone watching our back and fighting the evil with us.
Eyes of a tiger

Rapunzel first escapes from the tower, Merida comes over will-o'-the-wisps that leads her to her destiny, Jack dicovers his power to freeze water, and Hiccup makes a move to tame dragon.

Merida is protecting her mother from bear attack, Hiccup flies on his dragon, Rapunzel stops her step mother, and Jack is trying to save his sister from drowning in the lake.
Times of tears and sadness might come as a test.
But, hope still remains in their dreams, in their sleep.
When things are getting worse, magic comes to rescue. That kind of magic is a light living in the heart called hope.

For all the hard works, tears, pain, and every cliff that they went through, they deserve happiness and reunion with the one they love. 

Rapunzel is reunited with her parent whom she hadn't seen for 18 years, Hiccup is thankful to know that his dragon is safe, Jack happily hugs the first kid who ever believe in his existence after 300 years, and Merida is kissed by her beloved mother whom she thought will never turn back into human form.

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