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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Big Four : Wizard Wannabe!

The Big Four Go To Hogwarts ( ̄▼ ̄)
I love high school theme, so youthful and fun!  (#^.^#)

You know the characters. Hiccup, Rapunzel, Merida, and Jack. Let's bring them out! (人’∀’)
Yaaay.. Sorting house is the first thing to do. 
We got Jack in Slytherin. Why? Isn't his color blue? So why choose green house for him? Look, it's not always about the color, it's about personality. 
Jack's image here is mischievous, sarcastic, and cold. Yeah, he's sort of the bad guy. Slytherin all the way.  
Merida is obviously in Gryffindor because she's a righteous girl.  
Rapunzel can join Ravenclaw. Hmm.. I don't know much about this house. But, Ravenclaw is iconic for its Grey Lady which I think is the princess of the house. So, yeah, it's definitely for our princess, Rapunzel. 
And Hiccup is okay with Hufflepuff. Okay, done!

Their first day at Hogwarts *amazed* (°◇°)
The cat fight between Jack and Merida is continue. Btw, Jack is in his old brown hair. The same goes for Rapunzel who just cut her hair.
Woaah.. Are you still bringing your bow to the school, Merida?? -- Jack

Rapunzel is trying to flirt with Jack, while Merida gets a chance to speak with Hiccup.

Merida couldn't keep her eyes open in a history class. Jack holds Pascal, Rapunzel's lizard pet, to wake Merida up. Meanwhile, Rapunzel and Hiccup are enjoying themselves talking about viking history.
Jack and Merida suck at studying. They should learn from Hiccup and Rapunzel.

They fall asleep under a tree in the school yard ( ̄(エ) ̄) zZz
Quidditch time!!! (*°∀°)=3
OMG.. Jack looks cool *Q*
Go Jack! Ride a witch, save a broom *ups* ヾ( ̄o ̄)ノ
First match : Griffindor vs Slytherin.
I leave the result of the match on your thought :P
Finally, it ended and the four best friends are laughing together covered by mud and dirt on their face. "We are the happiest dumbos in the world!!!"
And in their way home, they really met Harry Potter and friends (・□・;)
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  1. That is so cool! Do some more Please!!! :)