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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Big Four : Anime and Chibi

Yesterday, I got a really really big news. I PASSED MY NATIONAL EXAM!!! Woow..woow..woow..!!! *explode* *die in happiness*

*alive* Here's my seventh post about Hiccup, Rapunzel, Merida, and Jack!

A Japanese style of animation picture adapted from Japanese manga. It's characterized by simplified, colorful, and child-like drawings; exaggerated physical features (big eyes, grass cut hairstyle, etc); and comedic-driven facial expressions.
Four of them are lying on the spring grass (◠‿◠✿)
And they spend the evening together ~(^^)~(^^)~(^^)~(^^)~
I love the red string of fate story. Four people connected with red threads here are destined to be forever friends, regardless of time, places, or circumstances. It may stretch or tangle, but never break
Girl's hang out time! Shopping and flirting with boys in the mall (★^O^★)
Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragon Cafe GRAND OPENING!! 。(⌒∇⌒)。

By the day, they works as butlers and maids...
By the night, they plotted with Yakuza, the scariest Japanese mafia (◣_◢)
It is a slang word for baby versions of characters drawn to be smaller, cuter, and funnier. It is quite popular in manga.

Welcome to Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons Day Care!!! The guardians will nurse your children bravely, train them to be nice to other creatures, and play with them in the tower ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Hiccup is a crybaby, Merida is fierce spirited as always, and Rapunzel is always so cuddly and fluffy. On the other side, our tired and busy yet conscientious babysitter, Jack, is handling the babies patiently (ι´Д`)ノ
"See.. see.. to impress them is a piece of cake.", Jack is thinking to himself, proud of his ability to amuse everyone.
"Huh.. Jack, you are just showing off!", Merida grumbles.
Are they going to a costume party? No, they're just exchanging clothes. As you see, Rapunzel is cosplaying a viking, Hiccup is in Merida's dress and he looks fine with it, and Merida is not resistant to take Jack's hoodie on. Jack is supposed to wear Rapunzel's pinky dress, but.. 
Hmm.. maybe he's too shy to come out (/□\*)・゜
"The hell I'm gonna wear the damn dress!!!", Jack screams.
And.. daaaaaash.. he runs away..

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