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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Thomas Müller and Friends

To be honest this isn't the best title, but this is all I can come up with. When I typed this on Google, guess who..or what..popped up.
What you're about to see is a collection of Thomas Müller photos that capture his beautiful friendship with teammates whether in nationalmannschaft or in Bayern Munich, like Bastian Schweinsteiger, Philipp Lahm, Manuel Neuer, and many more German players.

Excitement inside the field of course counts as the kind of fun moment I want you to see, but I'm more drawn to private moments when they are celebrating something other than a goal. Let's get started.. (^_^)

With Holger Badstuber
They have been showering together since they were kids (haha). They shared the same birth year, dream and ambition until they managed to graduate from youth academy. Together they made it to Bayern Munich team then they were roommates at Germany national team.
I thought football players don't read football magazine since they were there playing the game themselves. Guess I was wrong.
Party time! (>▽<)
Hello to you too, handsome *Thomas is such a dork* (>ω<)
With Lukas Podolski
Had Lukas stayed at Bayern Munich team, we might be seeing a lot more photos from them (^_^) These are their pure happy faces!
Now I know why Lukas Podolski is called a selfie king.
With Mario Gomez
Mario is the striker and Thomas is his control tower. I love that in the event of the photo above, Mario completed his hat-trick by finishing off good work from Thomas. He seemed so happy about it but he just wanted to give the praise to the best friend in his arm. So sweet..

Here's another sweet celebration from them. It's not like the usual group hug or high five or good-job slap. It's so them.
What's with the kneeling and hands stretching. They look like dancing (^▽^)
I'm well aware that Thomas is attractive, but did Mario has to straddle him like that?! XP
Oh God, everyone wants a piece of Thomas Müller O///O
Girls, are you still alive? Mario has a dreamy body (。・//ε//・。) and he makes Thomas looks skinny (>▽<) Anyway, they'd make a hot duo.

With Manuel Neuer
Manuel Neuer is 3 years older than Thomas and he seems like a cool and calm big bro. Thomas can always count on him to get a ride home after a good game.
A Thomas-Manu flight, everyone?
Imagine them as Clark Kent and Lois Lane flying together over Metropolis.
You bet Manuel and Mesut Özil can't stop themselves once they bully tease little Thomas.
But Manuel also doesn't hesitate to scold his bratty little brother if he did something wrong, even punishes him with his megaton keeper punch.
But don't worry, they will make up for sure.
It wasn't just a brotherly hug. For me it looks like Manuel collapsed into Thomas' arms and gripped him tight, hanging on for dear life. Nawwww..
Looks like a fun carnival (^Д^)
With Philipp Lahm
Laughing at how easy Thomas dangles his arm around Philipp's neck (>▽<)
Philipp Lahm is without question a remarkable captain. For Thomas, he is someone to look up to. 6 years older than Thomas, yet Philipp is 6 inches shorter than him lol. Adorable height difference is adorable.
We've already seen their height difference. Now I wonder in this photo how much force did Philipp use to glomp at Thomas like that?
Gotta love the neck/cheek touching.
I must say, what pulled me into this photo was Philipp's expression (>▽<)
You got to admit they had a cool way of spending their weekend, like wandering in town streets (where were the fangirls?!), cozying up with their wifes, fishing, golfing, and doing a hand clapping game (?)
I see Thomas has been using his influence on his beloved captain (^o^)
"Hurray!" is all I can say. Btw the man in the right is Hans-Jörg Butt, if you're curious.
With Bastian Schweinsteiger
What do I say about Basti and Thomas? I could pretty much post a whole picspam about them.
Bastian "Basti" Schweinsteiger is one of the closest, if not the closest friend of Thomas Müllerso close that I think Basti is Thomas' second love after his wife Lisa of course. Hehe. They're 5 years apart. Another big bro figure for Thomas. For all that I know Basti is the only one who can stand listening to Thomas' crap all day ( ̄▽+ ̄)
Both of them are laid-back and comfortable in their own skin. Their goofy-looking faces serve best at times like this.
"We're good!"
More fun night party at Bayern Munich homebase ♫♬ヽ(∀<●)
Look at their full-fledged, wicked grin.. and the size of their heads! Basti's head is like pops up out of nowhere. Was he wearing a robe at a bar? (●˙▿˙●)
What do they do if they're not playing football? Simple. They're joking, poking, making fun of each other and carrying each other's weight, literally.
Koala Thomas (´•ᴥ• `)
Featuring Manuel Neuer this time (〃・ω・〃)
Their cow joke has all things going on: the funny banter, the familiarity, the joy. They can be themselves and not care what the anyone thinks. See how relaxed they were when they're surrounded by cameras for their photo session. Even the homoerotic subtext is so there lol.
Now this is going on YouTube and you look like an ass! -Thomas Müller
Yep, Basti has just been Müllered.

Even Basti's girlfriend, Sarah, finds Thomas irresistible (๑>ᴗ<๑)
This must be the most aww-worthy moment a camera can shot. Thomas looks like a little kid genuinely concerned about his frustrated big bro.
Okay, that's it from me. Auf wiedersehen ✖‿✖ ~

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