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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Thomas Müller and His Wife Lisa

Thomas and Lisa met in 2006 (both 17 at the time) and they started dating. Two years later he proposed her on Christmas Eve in front of her parents' home. They waited for about a year and were married in 2009 at the registry office of Ismaning, celebrating afterwards with their close family. 
Love their simplicity and humbleness.
Mama Müller must be so damn proud of her son.
Thomas' reason for marrying his high school sweetheart are too sweet:  
"Lisa and I have good jobs, and don't have the problems most young people have with their jobs and studying or money so we thought, why not?"

Marrying at 20 is something that not all of us can do and I admire the peculiar optimism that comes along with it. And I'm happy to know that Lisa fell for Thomas before he became well-known. It was a pure young love.

Here's some selfies (it gets crazier one photo after another):
Away from football, Thomas is a man who will let the rest of the world get on with attracting media attention while he retreats to his quiet life at home with wife Lisaherself a far cry from the typical “WAG”and their dogs and horses.
Look at Lisa resting her head on his hubby's shoulder.
Now about Lisa.. She is a model and a semi-professional horse rider. She shares her affinity for horses with her husband. 
Welcome to the family! That is Thomas' mom and dad, Klaudia and Gerhard; his little brother, Simon; and his wife on the horse, Lisa.
The Müllers look so in love, as always.
MY FAVORITE PHOTOThey look so natural, what they do is refreshing, the country landscape behind them is beautiful and Lisa is resting her head in Thomas' shoulder again. What a couple
One day, Thomas tweeted along with this picture.
Hello all. 

A successful weekend is behind us. Only the 2:0-win against Nuremberg at the Allianz Arena. And on Sunday, my wife Lisa a superb 3 reaches Championship of Dressage riders in Schwaiganger square at the upper Bavarian. Since I was already proud of Lisa and our horse, Lauri. Way to go! 

And tomorrow I need to get back with Bayern in Freiburg, to hopefully climb the table top of the League... Many greetings and a nice week, your Thomas.

That one must had you "aww"-ing, if you're not already there after reading the story of how they first met.

The two of them seem to enjoy adventurous holiday.
Suddenly I envy them. I've never gone skiing in my whole life (the less cool part of living in a tropic country).
What she doesn't share with her husband is a love for soccer. Lisa has said she doesn't know much about the sport, and therefore finds it boring. 
Lisa is bored? Haha. I used to be like her too, but that's before I knew Thomas Müller and the Germans.
Despite that, she appears very supportive of her husband and the two keep in touch frequently while he is away.

Here's Lisa being Thomas' cheerleader:
Look, another fan of Thomas. Wait, she's also his wife!
Haha.. that's a giant Thomas.

A kiss that meant: "Go win that, champ!" or "Here's your reward, my hero."
When you have someone to share the joy of winning, and that someone has been supporting you from home, there's nothing sweeter than that.
In an interview, Lisa said: 

"After a bad day or bad game, I let Thomas rest a bit and watch The Simpsons or Two and A Half Men. Then his mood is quickly improving. If Thomas had a great game, I reward him with truffle, pasta and a glass of wine." 

Aww, bless her heart.
Cute, cute, cute. Lisa smiles like she can't help herself because Thomas is just too adorable XD
She's so going to kiss him to see if he will shut up.
It definitely takes a kiss to make Thomas stop talking.
"Muah!" or in German they say, "Schmatz!"
Can't stop being all touchy and feely.
I adore this photo because it looks like a camera capturing a private moment between two people in love from a crowd and it's beautiful.
They can't even walk without their hands being all over each other. How romantic.
Honestly, they're like a doll couple. Look at him taking her on his lap and circling his arms around her. I just want to squeeze them X3
I love that being public is not affecting their relationship whatsoever. Thomas is funny as ever and Lisa certainly is the last person to complain.
Can you imagine being his wife? Their house must be filled with laughter.
There are times when they dressed to the nines, like this:
A hollywood couple? o,o
But, I haven't seen them more frequently than when they are in simple t-shirt or jacket, especially Thomas. While the rest of his team mates are squeezing into the new-fangled technologically-advanced torso-hugging shirts, he prefers the more traditional baggy look. 

So many photos of them in casual clothes. Pick your favorite(s).
Again, I like seeing them when Lisa's head is on Thomas' shoulder.
This is the last two photos of this long picspam. What's more iconic to a Bavarian couple than a visit to Oktoberfest together.
The heart made of pretzel, so corny yet cute :3
I'm sure everyone would agree that Thomas and Lisa Müller are couple like which one you can't see often in football reality.


  1. Halo Afifah, supporter Jerman juga yach? Lho kok tahu banyak sepertinya tentang adat2 di Jerman? Memang tinggal di Jerman? Salam dari supporter Thomas Muller juga. Very down to earth, humble, and inspiring couple.

    1. Haha.. I wish I lived there!!! XD Keluar dari Pulau Jawa aja cuma sekali, ke Bali doang =D Salam kenal juga <3

  2. OMG! amazing blog, i loved! Congrats!

    1. Thank you, but all credit goes to the rightful owners. Anyway, thanks for coming to my blog ^_^

  3. Amazing collection of photos :D I'm a big Mueller fan...

  4. Hei Afifah, I've looking for Thomas Müller blood type very hard but not found it yet. Can you please tell me?

    1. I'm sorry, but I also don't have a clue about his blood type :(

  5. Awesome blog...always thought football boring but after saw Thomas and other players I went crazy ...and now always follow football...
    And your collection of photos is fantastic...
    Slightly jealous of Thomas and Lisa...we don't get to see that kind of pure love and life in these days ..
    Thomas and Lisa are made for each other.

    1. Are you me?! Thomas is like the one that brought me into football world. He will always be my ultimate favorite player. Agree. Thomas and Lisa are a match made in heaven. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  6. Love this couple so much. ♥♡
    Nice blog dear..in very good english...

  7. Hi Afifah, nice article! I've just stumbled into Lisa Müller IG and wondering how old is she. Since she looks so young but then again Thomas is barely 30s.
    Couldn't help but to point out that she's actually 2 years younger than Thomas. So,when they first met, she's only 14!
    Yet they were sensible enough to not have a child in the early years of Thomas' career.
    Looking into their IG, they still manage to look like a lovey dovey couple even after almost a decade of marriage. It's nice to know (from your post)that she's not a typical WAG.
    Although I'm more into Bastian Schweinsteiger than Thomas Müller. This article makes me respect him better. I couldn't wait for World Cup 2018. Too bad Basti is too old now and already past his prime time to join national team. But at least there's Müller and other hot German players..lol
    And oh, happy Ramadhan month to you...