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Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Allison Mack!

I know that it’s not July 29th yet in United States, but since it’s already July 29th here in Indonesia, I decided to write a happy birthday post to the very first actress I adore, my inspiration, my girl, Allison Mack  

What I love about her (aside from the fact she is an amazing actress) is that when photographed she is always brimming with joy. She seems to genuinely appreciate her fans and seems to always make time for them. Again she is an amazing actress who if you gave her any kind of character, you know she would play it well without any direction. Whenever she cries on screen she makes you cry and and her smile literally lights up the room. She's made my life sunny.

I grew up watching Smallville and I don't think I've ever loved a character more than I love Chloe Sullivan. She has the whole package: looks, brains, spunk, kindness, quirkiness and femininity.

I made a collection of Allison Mack's pictures. I'm crazy about her golden yellow hair but her red hair also looks dazzling. No one pulls off short hair better then her but her longer hair fits her naturally as well. Either way, her hair always looks so soft that I just want to brush it. Pretty.. (˃ દ ˂ ༶ )

After years of observing, I decided that green and orange, and maybe electric blue, are definitely her colors.

She is beautiful inside and out. If I was to meet her I think my life would be complete. Once again, happy birthday Allison! \(^▽^)/

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