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Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Ultimate OTP, Naruto and Hinata

A couple hours ago, I accidentally saw Naruto's old episodes (like when they just signed for the Chuunin exam) that has been airing recently in my national television. Then I remembered the upcoming Naruto the movie called "The Last" (what an obvious title lol), so I googled it. The spoiler got me swooning so hard over Naruhina.

I was so glad, so thankful to see Hinata get a happy ending. If she wasn't going to brutally die protecting Naruto, I wanted the extreme opposite, and that's where she has hung her hat.

Some people said that Naruhina lacks angst and is too boring because Hinata and Naruto are way too similar (meaning in good, positive characters, and personalities, apart from one difference: Hinata is shy, Naruto is not). But I never for once felt bored with them.

They're a regular couple that you'd see in real life. They're the classmates that became friends that became lovers that became husband and wife. I love seeing their relationship evolve. And positivity from a relationship is good. Naruto encourages Hinata like no other person and Hinata is the peace that he needs. Hinata is easiliy lovable and in return she has loved since day one, so him ending up with her is simply perfect.
Now I'm going to post lots and lots of Naruhina goodness. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS AND FANARTS. Naruto characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto and the fanarts belong to their rightful owners.
Hic.. this is it! Uzumaki familiy! ;_;
They will forever be my favorite couple ;_;

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