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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jack Frost's Touching Background Story

Have you ever been in love with a character in movie or book? I have, many times. They gave you courage and inspiration and.. LOVE <3
Just like this one.

His name is Jack Frost. He is a winter spirit from Rise of the Guardians movie. He came to the world 300 years ago. And before he became Jack Frost, he was just an ordinary 17-year-old human boy who lived happily with his family and friends. So, how did he became Jack Frost?

One day, on a snowy day, Jack went to a frozen lake to play ice skating with his little sister. She was so excited because it was her first time skating. She grabbed Jack's cloak and told him to hurry up.
At the lake, his sister couldn't move from the middle of the frozen lake. She was afraid since the ice on where she stepped was about to crack.

I was impressed by Jack's heart. He calmed his sister, told her that she would be fine. But he was also very sharp to figure out the way to save her. He distracted her with his hopscotch playing, grabbed the staff, tried to reach her and pulled her away to a safer place.

Jack : It's okay, it's okay. Don't look down. Just look at me.
Jack's sister : Jack, I'm scared.
Jack : I know. But, you're gonna be alright. You're not gonna fall in. We're gonna have a little fun instead.
Jack's sister : No, we're not.
Jack : Why would I trick you?
Jack's sister : Yes, you always play tricks.
Jack : No.. Well, not this time. I promise.. I promise you're gonna be fine. You have to believe in me. 

Because of that Jack was thrown and landed on the nearly-broke-ice, yet he wasn't worried about himself. He smiled to her sister in relief knowing she was okay. His sister smiled too. She thought everything was fine.

But she's wrong. The ice broke, Jack who couldn't save himself fell and drown in the lake. Until the end, Jack was a selfless person who was always ready to give his life for someone he truly love. He died saving his sister.

The Moon God saw Jack's sacrifice. He revived Jack as a winter spirit. Jack was risen from the frozen lake. His brown hair turned into white and his brown eyes turned into blue. His skin became paler. He is stuck at age 17. Still the same Jack in personality, but with cooler charm and power X3
Jack never looked as marvelous and angelic as he does in this picture (´∀`*)
Looking at his deep striking blue eyes... *blush* .。o♡
Love how the frost on the staff only appears when Jack's holding it.

Jack Frost's story is too heart-breaking. Now he is immortal, forever young, invisible, confused and truly alone. Great, now I'm weeping in the middle of the night. Where's the damn tissue? o(╥﹏╥)o

He loves his sister so much until now. It is proved not only with his heroic act, but because, once his memory returned, he was only happy and grateful to know that she had survived, rather than be disheartened that he had drowned.
He is endearing and gentle to all kids. I wish I had a big brother like him.. No!! I want a boyfriend like him! o(≧o≦)o

He protects children with all his heart. That's what makes him the most lovable guardian

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