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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Toph Bei Fong ROCKS :D

Toph Bei Fong from "Avatar : The Legend of Aang"
There's nothing cooler than a blind little girl who could kick some bad guys.
She uses her weakness as her strength and that's even make her unique. Born blind, she learned to see with her earth bending, detecting people and other object through their vibrations which proves that she is great earth bender. She has built a great sense of hearing and touching due to her disability to see.
Toph learned earth bending from the badgermoles

Gotta remind you, she is the only known earth bender to ever bend metal during Hundred Year War, which even the Avatar was unable to perform since the origin of earth bending. 
Her sand bending has also improved a lot.
Toph is practicing her sand bending
She got a wonderful underdog story to tell, which makes her one of the most interesting characters from Avatar. 

A winning smile~

I love how she is sarcastic and witty, and never misses a chance to tease someone. She is cool..!!!
Smiley Toph is so cute
She is definitely my favorite female character in Avatar. Toph, you're so pretty and tough ;)

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