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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Chihiro Itou, Pretty and Tomboy Heroine

If you ask me "Which characters in the manga do you want to be?"
My answer is Itou Chihiro.

Itou Chihiro is a character from manga series which title is “Suki desu, Suzuki-kun” (alternative title : “I Love You, Suzuki-kun”).

From the personality.. Chihiro is very mature, kind, responsible, and strong. She knows how to handle things really well. 

Imagine how hard it can be if you have loved your childhood friend for more than five years, then, you saw him liking other girl, and you even helped him to get the girl he likes, OMG! >.<

That’s what Chihiro feels every time she supports her childhood friend’s love, Hikaru Suzuki, to be closer with Sayaka Hoshino who is also Chihiro's best friend.

She even make Hikaru and Sayaka's relationship stronger because she just want to see Hikaru's smiling face. So kind of her :')

I think it's just very sweet if someone has a willing to give up her love to make the ones she loves happier.

She has been shown to show some jealousy, but she holds it in, she can handle angst beautifully, she doesn't break easily under pressure.
That's what I love about her! :D

Aww, believe me.. Chihiro is a girl that a man could ever wish x3

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