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Friday, October 26, 2012

Yang Yoseob is Simply Amazing

Yoseob is a member of BEAST, the first boyband from South Korea that I know and I like until now \(^o^)/
For die hard BEAUTY (BEAST's fandom) out there, you will agree with me about things that I like from Yoseob  ;)

He doesn’t have to show his muscles to look sexy, just stick with his sporty jacket and I’ll be dying because of his cuteness.

Without too much dancing, he can steal the attention with his playful actions.
Without doing aegyo, he is already cute. He looks like a child :3

Somehow his pose reminds me of L from "Death Note" anime

He is so playful and over-active. Even simple things can look funny if it's done by him.

His laughter is one of the funniest thing I have seen.

His expressions are honest.

His voice is one of God’s beautiful gift. He sings with heart.

He has gone through the hard times, he must’ve known exactly what hard work is.
He loves his fans as sweet as he loves his family. 

His feeling toward his mother was touching me when he sang “Omma” song to his mother.
Not everyday we see a man with an awesome outer and inner self. What I mean by “awesome inner self” is that just being handsome, talented, or having a perfect body couldn’t win someone’s heart.
What really attracts from Yoseob may be his precious heart, great personality, kindness, good sense of humor, caring, cuteness, plus beautiful voice.
I can always see the way he affects people around him, it’s like his positive energy is contagious. His presence has a power, but he’s never demanding or commanding.
Yoseob and Junhyung

The most important thing is that he always enjoying singing on the stage.

I am proud of calling him my favorite idol. This kind of admiration will last longer in my heart (^^)

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