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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nagi Sanzenin, the Tsundere Princess

Nagi Sanzenin is a character from manga and anime series which title is “Hayate no Gotoku” (alternative title : “Hayate the Combat Butler”).

She is a rich young lady that inherit the properties of Sanzenin family. She has lost her parents. Now she lives with her maid, Maria, and her beloved butler, Hayate. Both of them are important persons in Nagi’s life. 
Nagi and Hayate

She also has friends who don't see her from her family status, like Hinagiku, Ayumu, Isumi, Sakuya, Chiharu, and Wataru.
Hinagiku, Nagi, and Maria

She also has a tiger pet named Tama.
Nagi and Tama

She has this cute looking face with big round green eyes, small body, and long blonde pig-tailed hair.

She is a grumpy, spoiled, and immature thirteenth years old girl. 

But, secretly, she always thinks and cares about other people. She will help her friend who is in trouble although she won’t admit it *Tsundere is the best! xD
Aww.. she is embarassed :3

She is a real troublemaker, beacuse of her innocent and over-spirited actions. 

Angry Nagi

She is super lazy, but surprisingly excellent at getting perfect score in her academic tests. Because of her intelligence, she is already a 11th grade student in Hakuou Academy, a prestigious high school, even though she is still 13 years old.

Bored Nagi

On the contrary, she is weak in all sports and house chores.
After exercising

She loves reading comics, drawing doujinshi, and playing video games.

Due to her glamorous lifestyle, she lacks of experience of living outside her mansion. However, she doesn’t like losing or being underestimated. 
So cute..
Nagi's hillarious exppressions :
Gantle Nagi in Gilbert's imagination

There's no way Nagi is crying like this xP

She has the spirit in her eyes :D


Blushed Nagi

Nagi says, "Hey, you! Stop starring at me.."

All those characters make her a funny likable heroine.

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