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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Diamond White, An Upcoming Truly Star

She is my favorite ever singer in a singing competition. She is one of the top 12 contestants in The X Factor USA Season 2.

She is still 13 years old, yet she can sing Whitney Houston's songs amazingly.

What makes her unique is that Diamond has this sweet bubbly personality. Unlike most contestants, she's barely seen depressed, confused, or anxious. She steps on the stage full of confident, smiles, sometimes giggles, and then blows off the stage with her beautiful voice.

She has a cutie face, exotic eyes, gorgeous smile, and slim body that make me jealous, haha :D

I can see the glows from her eyes, cheerfully enlighten the environment around her. It's like her positive energy flows non-stop.

I absolutely love excited people, like Diamond. Looking at her makes me feel carried away by happiness and joy.

She is nice, friendly, and likable. Toward her rival in boot camp, Dinah Jane Hansen, she comforted and convinced her that everything was okay. Dinah felt like she had ruined her performance by forgetting the lyrics. But, Diamond said, "It's okay, you fixed it, they won't notice, you did fine."Aww, such a sweet heart.

She likes to sing soulful songs like "I Have Nothing", "This is A Man's World", and "Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word", which I think those songs suits her so much.

For the haters, who keep comparing Diamond with Carly or Beatrice, beat your lips and listens to their voices quietly. They're are all the same, they're just girls trying to reach their dreams with their own special way in such a young age. Awesome, I love them all <3

From left : Diamond, Carly, and Beatrice

Diamond, you have a very long and prosperous career ahead of you and the world loves you. Keep on fighting, Girl. Thanks for your gift of voice :) :) :)

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