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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Let's Rank the Songs in "Ordinary"

There's only one album in which all of the songs become my favorites: Fiction and Fact. So, after that, I never bother to list the songs in an album from most to least favorite. Ranking the songs would be no fun if the title track came out as the easy winner, while the other non title tracks didn't have the expected standout factors.

This is not the case for Beast's most recent album. Having been listening to the whole album, I can proudly say that I really enjoy all of the songs in Ordinary, ALL OF THEM. Let's not waste any time and check out my ranking:

1. At That Place
2. Gotta Go To Work
3. Take It
4. YeY
5. Suite Room
6. Oh Honey

Yes, I excluded the Korean version of "One Day" and "How About You?" since both of them are bonus tracks (CD only). And yes, I was surprised myself that "YeY" ended up in the 4th place. It's not because the title track is bad. It's because the B-side tracks are SO GOOD. 

I'm gonna let you know my take on each track, but if you look for an explanation from expert perspective, I'm honestly lacking. Okay, here I go.

"At That Place"
This is the only song that I like right away after listening to the audio teaser two days before the comeback. I guess that's because songs with quicker beats are more interesting, therefore, this song stood out among the other songs in the teaser. It certainly helps that Gikwang and Hyunseung's part in the pre-chorus enticed me so much. Dongwoon and Yoseob's voices sound so delicate in the chorus, just like the meaning of this song. Although the beats give this song energetic vibes, leave it to Beast to pour a kind of wistful feeling into a complete happy music. I really think they should perform this song later on goodbye stage, since it has the 'See you there, see you later' lyrics which is delivered flawlessly by Doojoon. And the fact that Junhyung is singing in this song, not rapping, multiplies the awesomeness level in this song by ten.

"Gotta Go To Work"
Finally, we got a fresh and chic song (I can't believe "Beautiful" was released in 2010). A long time B2uty must understand the hunger I've been feeling for Beast to perform in such a cutesy, fluffy atmosphere. After 5 years of waiting I finally got just what I wanted. They smiled a lot during the live performance. I've said this countless times that Beast members are grown men that still kind of dorks. Even better, the themed outfit style for this song is definitely satisfying. The coats, sweaters, shirts, jackets they wore are normal clothes that you rarely see in the world of Kpop. I got two nice surprises from this song. The first was upon learning that Junhyung and Hyunseung are singing the chorus. The second was upon seeing Yoseobie with blonde hair looking like a 10-year-old in the MV. Overall, this song is like a vitamin for you ears and eyes.

"Take It"
Gikwang's line at the pre-chorus, 'It's driving me crazy' was enough to left me intrigued by the time I finished listening to the teaser. However, when I listened to the full song, I was like, "This is not like what I imagined the song would be." The song sounds monotone at first and it reminded me of "The Day You Rest" in Midnight Sun album. To be honest, "The Day You Rest" was a miss for me, so I thought this song would be like that as well, until the song reached the bridge. Yoseob is my vocal bias and his part in the bridge is the highlight for me, starting from 'Ijen neoman saenggakhamyeon gaseumi apa' and going to that powerful adlibs. I could literally listen to that part all day! Also, the rap in this song is too cool. The 'Black black black' rhyme perfectly with 'Heukbaek heukbaek heukbaek' and 'Red red red'.

I can understand that despite the B-side tracks being more interesting that the title track, this is the perfect dance song for summer. I wasn't used to hear Beast using so many EDMs for their choruses at first, but now this song has grown on me. And it's. Growing. Hard! Now, I'm actually addicted to Yoseob's 'Yey yey yey ye~ah'. Watching the live performance definitely helps. The fanchant will blow your ears. The rap is damn catchy, especially the 'Loveless' part. Junhyung continues to be one of the best rapper in Kpop. But, the best part got to be Gikwang's part...SICKEST PRE-CHORUS EVER!

"Suite Room"
This song is like a sedative to me. Super calming melodies sung by the sweet voices of Beast members. I will choose to listen to this song at a peaceful evening after a tiring day. The most captivating part for me is the intro where Yoseob does his delicious 'mmmhmm..yeah..' No, I swear I'm not daydreaming about his voice right now!

"Oh Honey"
When I first hear the song, it was rather plain and standard. The tempo is too slow for my liking. On the other note, I like the instruments and the 'Oh, na..na..na..na' by Gikwang. And hillariously, "So Hot" from Good Luck album and this song has so many similarities, since the composer of both songs are the same person. Yes, I'm proud of Gikwang and his new found skill in composing.

Conclusion: I feel like all of the songs are title tracks. There isn't a single song that I don't like. I give Ordinary a 4.5 out of 5. Well done, Beast

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