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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

10 Funniest Beast Macros I Found Today

Beast can't be normal XD
Yoseob's chipmunk face. YOSEOB'S CHIPMUNK FACE! How can there be such a creature? X3
I remember this is when Beast had to cover T-ara's "Yayaya". Yoseob looked so cute looking all lost and confused, and on top of that, he DID get smacked in the head XD
Doojoon.. asdfghjkl8xcvb?!
Gikwang's eyes SMILE! =D

Lol at their wishes XD
These two have the absolute cutest bromance on the face of the planet. Nothing can make Junhyung act cute like Yoseob can! Too precious ^o^

An appropriate fangirl-induced reaction when someone said, "Your bias is over there!"
The following barely has witty comments on it, the pictures speak for themselves.
This is Hyunseung exiting the bathroom and accidentally walking into someone's interview. I swear, he looked creepy. The way he walked back quietly (and awkwardly) with a freakin' toilet paper in his hand was PRICELESS! XD
I feel truly bad for his hair. Dongwoonie had his hair dyed (into VIOLET!) for several times and stuck on the innocent car window XP Forget the hair, his face alone was laughable XD

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