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Friday, December 6, 2013

Me and Music

I love music. I love singing and playing my key board!!! X3

But the truth is..
When I was a kid, I didn't have any interests in music. I listened to my friend's music, even if I didn't understand the meaning of the songs. I wondered why my friend would write down all the lyrics they know on their note books, unlike me whose memories were full of my school things. They talked fun facts about their idols, while I didn't have ANY favorites. My life's so plain...

And after that I joined a vocal course near my house, I kind of get used to singing. Slowly but surely I know about notes, intonation, articulation, harmony, and all stuffs about being a singer, but I was taking it too seriously until I forgot that music can be enjoyable. I became so nervous when it's time to perform. I'm thinking too much about perfection.

Then, I came across some singing competitions on the television. All of the contestants were really.. really.. confident. And some of them were truly talented. I'm impressed! 8D

Start from that moment, I began to express myself by listening to music, my own music! I got interested in tons of singers, mostly female singers :D even boybands =B I did a cover of "Fifteen" by Taylor Swift in my fifteenth birthday with my best friend. I watched the video of my first boyband, which is happened to be BEAST (a boyband from Southeast Asia), for too many times. I'm fangirling over the adorable Yang Yoseob (still an Asian idol) and the cute Niall Horan from One Direction! XD
The best singer and song writer. She made songs about my life ^^
Cute guys in my life!

More importantly, now I sing when or where I want to. No need to have special talents. I'm just one of the girls who passionately loves singing to bits
Ahahaa.. these birdie~ :3

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